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Philip is surprised Oleg's English is so good and wonders if Oleg liked it in the US. Oleg believes the people running The Center are actively trying to get rid of Gorbachev. They think getting freedom means something nefarious.

Philip tries to tell Oleg Elizabeth would never hurt their country. Oleg assures him they know she's loyal, but her loyalty could be used against her.

Philip tells Oleg what he knows, and Philip revelas he's being followed now. They can't meet in person again.

When Philip gets home, Elizabeth is outside smoking again. She seems odd when she comes into the house, as if she knows something she's not saying.

Elizabeth is trying to get her hands on the thing she needs, and the authorities start coming. It's very dark and there is shooting going on. It's unclear why Paige is in there, but it's hard not to worry about her.

Elizabeth runs out of the building and into Jenny's car. The police roll by.

Jim Baxter is visiting the little blonde girl with the curls, Kimmie, who is now a junior in College. She gives him life and dating advice.

Paige made it out and is talking to her mom about not being able to sleep. When Elizabeth blows it off, Paige continues talking about a boy she met at school whose father is on the House Judiciary Committee.

Philip comes in, angry they're talking about work again. Things are not very good with the family unit.

Oleg calls his dad and seemingly delivers a cryptic message about what's going on in the US.

Elizabeth and Claudia chat and Claudia shares news about one of their couriers who jumped ship -- it's Stan's hockey player.

Philip calls Henry and delivers the bad news about the possibility of not being able to pay for St. Edwards for his senior year.

Elizabeth is starting to stalk Stan, which should be awkward because Philip and Stan are going out for drinks.

Oleg's dad is passing on Oleg's message to Arkady. He admits he doesn't completely trust the guy even though Oleg said he should. Arkady says Oleg wants to do something that matters and that's because of his dad.

That night, Philip tells Eizabeth about their poor finances, too, and what he revealed to Henry. Her answer is, "He's your department."

Philip tries to get close to Elizabeth, but she rolls away from him in bed.

The next day, Elizabeth as nurse tries to reach Erica by speaking abou ther paintings. The one she says she liked is Erica's least favorite. It was too sentimental. Now she looks back at all the work she did and wishes she'd spent the time with Glenn instead. Not doing anything in particular, just being with him.

Erica is still trying to teach Elizabeth to draw. While they're doing that, Glenn comes in to say he's been invited to someone's house to watch the World Series with one of the Russians. Elizabeth suggests she can take Erica to the party so they can all get out.

Aderholt wants Stan to continue checking in on "Mrs. Teacup" and her hockey playing Russian husband. They won't play nice with anyone but him.

At the office, Philip puts on his cowboy boots with a smile and heads out to line dance. He doesn't just like it, he needs it.

Elizabeth got a wire sewn into Glenn's jacket for the party, Paige screwed the boy she wasn't supposed to go after as an asset and then eyed his ID, and Philip dances.

At the party, Erica begins vomiting. It turns out the Russian is kind and helps clean it up. It was cruel of Elizabeth to suggest she go to the party.

Philip is eating chips and has a sandwich nearby while going through his paperwork at the office and recalls being a boy when he and his friends waited for a restaurant to open the back door to offer up large cooking pots and pans the kids could scrape with spoons for nourishment. They were starving.

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The Americans Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Oleg: One thing I did learn here: they are not crazy. We can make peace with them. Now may be the best chance we can ever get. That's why I am here.

He loves me, he loves you, but somewhere ... something got lost. This work can get to be too much for people. Even the best ones. I'm so proud of you, Paige. Really proud.