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Elizabeth leaves for work without saying a word to Philip.

Stan gets a call at the office. He needs to meet with Aderholt. Aderholt has told him he's meeting with someone at six. The bigger news is Oleg is in town. He's on a tourist visa, out of the KGB for three years, and here for a class on urban transport. Maybe for his father's ministry? They have doubts.

Little do they know he's on their side.

Philip is at the office trying to concentrate on the travel industry but having a difficult time.

Elizabeth is at a bookstore as a gal named Megan trying to figure out what's up with the summit and the treaty. The guy says all indications point to the treaty being signed. She doesn't know how to react.

The hockey player from Season 5 got kicked out of his house by his wife, Stan's asset Sophia. He asked his wife to get him another beer because she was already standing. His name is Ani or Adi.

Glenn's wife is begging for her morphine, screaming in pain. She doesn't want to live. She's begging him to end her life.

She asks if they're planning on ending his wife's life. She knows people who have done it. It can go wrong.

Later, she tells Claudia the woman is really gonna suffer now and speaks ill of her and her work.

Elizabeth decides that if anything happens to her, she wants Claudia to finish with her.

Stan discovers Sophia has been confiding in someone at work. He tries to get her to understand she's important to Konandi (?), but she wants Stand to figure it out.

Elizabeth is outside smoking at home, and Philip joins her.

He wants to talk, but she considers two sentences about Paige becoming a spy a fulfilling discussion.

Aderholt is always pushing Stan to fix Sophia and that dude, but Stan has a new job.

Elizabeth goes to talk to a general who tried to warn the Soviets about an arms race in the sky 20 years ago. Now he's being blackmailed to give her the lithium sensor Claudia told her about.

If anybody has to use the bathroom at the airport, they're in trouble there are so many spy games going on in the stalls. And the toilets have lids. No way, especially not in a men's room.

Elizabeth goes into the State Dept (or whatever) with one wig on and pretends to have a cold so she can go to the bathroom and get to her state lunch.

Philip runs into a now-former client who wants to use a budget travel agent. He's flustered.

Philip finds out that his agent was just trying to take personal responsibility like his boss told him.

Elizabeth stays out of the eye of the security team and learns the word in the White House is Regan might be going senile.

Claudia says there's nothing they can do about it and to focus on the summit.

Paige asks her mom about using sex to get information. Elizabeth says there is a lot of bullshit out there about techniques. Paige says it doesn't sound like bullshit. Elizabeth says sometimes people get close to assets and may cross the line, and whoever wrote the book twisted that into something ugly.

Elizabeth heads to see the general. He's not giving her the goddamned sensor or anything else. He knows he was an idiot but thought he was doing the right thing. Now he knows they just used him. She thinks he's smart, but they'll expose him if he doesn't do what they say.

Erica asks Elizabeth what she sees in her latest sketch. She's disappointed when Elizabeth doesn't SEE, so demands she sit and begin drawing the darkness. Then she'll see.

Philip and Henry are talking on the phone, and Henry wonders why Philip would have handed off a customer that was so close to him.

We don't get to see Elizabeth's drawing, which is annoying.

It's already Saturday, and the general is holding a gun on Elizabeth. He's not going to jail and he's not betraying his country. Of course, Paige and that other woman are out there, but Elizabeth doesn't need him. She psychs him out and kills him.

Elizabeth's's covered in brains when Paige runs up asking if she's OK.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Elizabeth: I suppose she would have just drifted off.
Claudia: It's not usually that easy.
Elizabeth: Well, she's really gonna suffer now.
Claudia: You just have to keep her alive through the summit.

Claudia: What does she draw?
Elizabeth: People, faces, I don't know. Kind of strange.
Claudia: You don't like her work?
Elizabeth: I don't know why people like her spend their life doing that. At least her husband is doing something.