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Paige admits to her mother that her new male friend continues talking about all of the information his father gives him and even offers to give to her private documents the next time they see each other.

Elizabeth warns Paige not to have those kinds of conversations with boys she wants to date. She can change the subject, say she's not interested or just stop seeing him in that way. Control the conversation. She's not ready to do what she thinks she's doing.

After another late night, Elizabeth comes on to Philip and he gratefully accepts her love and affection. After a night of lovemaking leaving Philip feeling better than he has in a very long time, Elizabeth reveals she needs his help with a mission. It involves Kimmy and it's not a very pleasant one. She wants him to meet her in in Greece, kidnap her in Bulgaria and force her father to share what he knows about whatever he knows.

Paige doesn't listen to her mom, gets drunk and when a bunch of her guy friend's friends say she's not even that hot begins beating the crap out of them. She later goes home to her parents to spar with her mom. 

Paige begins to believe she's invincible.

After Elizabeth murders the hockey player and his wife, she and Claudia give Paige something to coat her stomach to keep her from getting too drunk. The three of them then get drunk and talk about old times including the 27 million Soviets who died in WWII.

It helped explain some of their bitterness toward America. Claudia didn't have a soul left in her family.

Stan's former world crumbled in no time, and that's when he thought it might be nice to have Renee in the office with him even if she can't be an agent. Hmmm.

After giving what Paige did at the bar some thought, he visited his daughter at home to show her how much she really knows about being a spy. He could have killed her swiftly. And with that, he pulled himself out of the Kimmy operation and warned her about her trip. Do not go outside the borders of Greece, most especially with anyone who suggests they go to a Soviet-ruled country.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

You gotta try. You gotta try. There's someone in there that knows how to see. But you gotta put in the time.That's what time is for. No one. No one, no one understands that.


Erica: Is this it?
Nurse E: I don't have much free time.
Erica: Free time? Kind of a funny phrase. Is that what you call this? Free time? There should be dozens of drawings in here.