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Elizabeth is trying to scrub herself free of the dead man's brains, but they're pretty stubborn.

Philip chats with Paige about what he's learned in what is now called the Forum. They suggest you allow yourself to feel bad and go through it rather than pushing it away. She says she feels fine. That seems impossible.

Elizabeth is angry and they're interrupted by a phone call from Henry. He's so normal while Paige is being browbeaten about sticking to the plan.

Elizabeth won't even let Paige stay the night at her parents' house because it's a work night.

Elizabeth tells Philip there's trouble back home with Gorbachev, but she can't go into details.

Stan is talking to his female asset who cockily tells him she's talked to her beau, Bogden about Stan. Stan isn't pleased.

Philip is talking to Henry's school about payment and his need to get through the holiday season before paying for the rest of Henry's tuition.

Elizabeth tries to explain the former situation to Paige.

Philip picks up a book, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude before he goes out to the office and puts someone on the spot. Tell us three strategies you used to sell those trips!

Gnadi is coming back in four days. Stan thinks the CIA should pull the guy off now. Bogden is a journalist. Stan wonders how many times a guy can can fake taking a shit and come out looking OK.

Aderholt is already suspicious about the suicide-committing general, but he's betting on the wrong Soviet to be involved.

Elizabeth speaks to the man who married them. She admits there isn't much between them anymore. The fellow asks for him to come one time. Elizabeth and Paige are on a mission following Glenn. Glenn is talking about what he used to do with Erica and gets a bit misty-eyed.

Stan goes to see Oleg and after the two beat around the bush a bit, Stan asks the question. They're both skirting the truth.

Then Oleg asks about "her," the subject neither of them wants to revisit. They both assume the worst of each other now when in the past they would have done the opposite.

Claudia is making dinner for the girls. It's the only place Elizabeth seems happy.

Elizabeth takes some home to Philip even though it's not supposed to be in the house. He's just eaten, but he eats some nonetheless. While his fork is still poised above the dish, she takes it away and dumps it in the disposal.

Their talk about how things might be and will be back home shows how far apart they are from each other.

Stan's girlfriend is jealous of how Elizabeth and Philip work together so they don't' have to catch up at the end of the day. She wants to be an FBI agent, but that dream dies when Stan tells her the cutoff age is 37.

Philip is getting ready to go see Oleg while Elizabeth sets off to find security breaches so she can get the object she couldn't get since the general offed himself.

Stan and Aderholt gather Sophia and Gnadi for political asylum so they don't get captured. They have a kid so he'll never be able to see his kid again. Sophia wants a divorce, but Gnadi begs for Stan to make it better.

The killing machine takes out another American.

Oleg and Philip meet.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Philip: I told her she'd have you to talk to.
Elizabeth: What do you think I was just doing?

Paige: What happened, Mom?
Elizabeth: What happened?! What happened is that you left your position and ran straight into the middle of the ... [phone rings]