The Crew - The Ark
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The crew can't fathom why Ark 3 is ahead of them and in that location.

They find the terrifying element on the other side of the plane.

Lt. Brice and Eva want to board the other ship.

Lt. Lane apologizes to Lt. Garnet for not believing in her, about anything.

Dr. Brandice calls Angus out on his crush on Garnet.

The away team arrives on Ark 3 and finds most of the crew dead, having suffocated.

The sleeper pod bays have been removed before departure.

Sasha gets trapped in the captain's quarters, and the air starts venting.

Eva hacks into the locks, and she opens the door, and Sasha falls through, not breathing.

Lt. Brice gives him CPR, and he lives.

Felix finds his husband's body on the ship.

Lt. Lane finds a person alive on the ship.

The survivor tells Lane what happened, and she leads Lane to another dying person.

They bring the man to Ark One, but Dr. Kabir can't save him.

The girl remembers Felix's husband and tells him there were no kids on Ark Three.

Felix breaks down, and Dr. Kabir tries to console him.

The surviving girl tells the crew that Ark Two vaporized when it tried to go to lightspeed.

The girl, Kelly, gets harassed by the whole crew to tell them about the earth when she left earth.

Things looked really grim when she left earth.

They start bringing the leftover supplies over from Ark Three.

Jelena finds a sword that belongs to Felix (Robert was bringing it to him). She brings it straight to him.

Felix opens the weapons bay, and Kelly starts to freak out a bit.

Kelly tells Felix about his daughter and how his daughter took a bullet on earth.

Felix ejects the weapons into space, but Kelly keeps one for herself.

Alicia and Angus share some strange flirting, and Alicia figures out they all got attacked by Ark 15.

Eva accidentally sets off a self-destruct function on Ark Three.

Lane gets a code to abort the self-destruct just as Lt. Brice and Eva almost share a kiss,

Lane got the code by waking up William Trust, but trust doesn't know where he is, or why he's on the ship.

The Ark
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The Ark Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lane: Thank you, Mr. Trust. Your backdoor codes just saved a lot of lives.
William Trust: I've just got two questions. Where the hell am I? And why?

Dr. Kabir: Hey, she could still be alive on earth!
Felix: Robert wouldn't have left if she was alive. I shouldn't have left them. I should've stayed on earth.
Dr. Kabir: You had no choice! You told me you were ordered to be on Ark One.
Felix: I should have disobeyed orders!