Technical Difficulties - The Ark
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William Trust doesn't know why he's on Ark One.

Helena, the other woman in the pods, knocks Lane out.

Eva and Lt. Brice had sex and wake up in bed beside each other.

Garnet cannot find Lane.

Maddox's name is on Ark 15's ship instead of Trust's.

Kelly seems to panic a little when Alicia and Angus mention Ark 15.

She flirts with Angus, which makes Alicia a little jealous.

William and Helena try and figure out why they are on Ark One.

Helena put them on the ship.

The rest of the crew starts to look for Lane.

They figure out when the call was sent and what section of the ship it was from, but it is not a numbered section on the ship.

Angus wants to take the body for the NOR, but Kabir still performs her autopsy.

Lane wakes up and tells Trust and his wife that everyone they can trust is dead.

Felix finds a weird part of the cargo bay.

Alicia admits a bit to Eva that she likes Angus.

Kabir goes to Cat Brandice for help with her withdrawal, and Cat agrees to help her.

Felix, Eva, and Yelena find a secret door in the cargo bay.

Lane asks Trust about the genetic library.

Eva starts to short-circuit the door into Trust's hiding place.

Felix, Eva, and Jelena find Mr. and Mrs. Trust with Lane.

Brice immediately attacks Trust.

Felix knows Mrs. Trust on a first-name basis.

Garnet is mad at Lane.

A flashback reveals that Felix took a bullet to save the Trusts.

Lt. Garnet strips Lane of his rank, and Brice is on board with it, with Felix escorting him off the bridge.

Helena Trust is an entitled bitch.

Trust questions the new form of travel, but the crew of Ark One has no choice but to try it.

The Faster light travel seems to be causing strange problems.

It causes a problem with time, and Trust, Eva, and Alicia manage to fix things.

Eva and Brice had sex again.

Eva and Brice argue about Brice's deadly disease.

Cat Brandice and William Trust start making out, revealing they had a past relationship.

Lane reveals that his only remaining loyalty lies with William Trust.

The Ark
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