Alicia and Angus Bonding - The Ark
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Garnet, William, and Angus make it back to Ark One.

Lanet gets taken back to the brig but manages to get the upper hand on the guards before they throw him in.

Brice wakes up and learns that the cure didn't work.

Lane makes his way through Ark 15.

Lane wants to destroy Ark 15's FTL, which would be suicide for him.

Dr. Kabir figures out why the cure didn't work.

When the spider venom gets exposed to air, it thickens and goes bad.

The only way to cure him will be for him to force him to get bitten by spiders.

He has to stick his hand into the spider tank and let them bite him.

The spiders start biting him.

Lane breaks his way into the engine room, and destroys Ark 15's FTL.

Brice still thinks it won't work, but Eva questions him.

Dr. Kabir has the results.

Alicia reveals that the cure worked, even if the spider venom damaged his liver. There are no longer any visible Klampkins toxins in his blood.

He starts crying and blames the cure.

Eva tells Garnet, and they both start to cry.

Garnet wants to work on their relations with Maddox.

Maddox reluctantly accepts Garnet's terms.

Garnet and WIlliam have a small disagreement.

Maddox has no intentions of sharing Proxima B.

Kelly snuck onto the shuttle to be with her mother, just in case the cure didn't work.

Kelly fakes being sick and attacks Jelena.

Kelly makes her way through the ship.

Maddox immediately assumes that Kelly went for Angus.

Alicia wacks Kelly in the head with a shovel, nearly killing her. Maddox is angry.

Cat visits William Trust in Ark One's makeshift brig.

Evelyn Maddox immediately gets Kelly sent to Ark 15.

Evelyn says she's still following through on their word.

Alicia and Angus bond over their first kisses being with murderers.

Brice and Eva take a walk through Angus's garden.

Garnet and Brice welcome Lane back onto the bridge.

William Trust turns on his device to get Proxima B to start turning.

William Trust only turned on one of the devices, pointing its magnetic pulse toward Ark 15, sending them hurtling toward Proxima B.

Ark One turned off the magnet, saving Ark One and Ark 15.

Maddox is grateful to Garnet for saving their life and wants to be civil with Ark One.

Alicia activates all the planetary rotation devices, and Proxima B starts revolving.

Proxima started spinning on its inertia, revealing that the planet is basically a bomb.

They manage to escape the planet's blast before it explodes.

Debris from the planet hits Ark One. Damage is indicated on all decks.

They want Maddox to help them, even though they don't trust her.

Maddox decides to send a shuttle with rescue teams and medical personel.

The Ark
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