Growing Closer - The Arrangement
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Megan is in the Creative Partners Agency headquarters - her new agency.

When she leaves, she has stomach pains again.

Kyle is at a radio interview talking about the new movie where he's directing and Megan is starring.

Deann is in bed with her girlfriend talking about the future.

Shaun meets with Terence about Kyle. James is leaving for a month and Shaun is disappointed.

Megan meets with Lisbeth. She tells Megan about how she was treated by IHM. They poisoned her food and water. Turns out she was having stomach problems. That's how she found out. It's the same kind of stomach pains Megan is having. Then Lisbeth repeats herself about toxic people. It's weird.

Fast Forward Two Months Later. Megan and Kyle are doing a photo shoot.

Deann talks to Kyle about financing for the movie and the casting of the male lead.

Deann and Terence are at an IHM counseling session. Terence wants to talk about the lack of sex in their relationship. They argue about the tie door and their open relationship. 

Terence is at an ice rink. When he leaves he's confronted by someone trying to steal his car. The guy pulls a gun. The guy pulls the trigger but the gun doesn't go off. This should be a life-changing event for him. We'll see.

Megan and Kyle are at an event when she has more stomach pains. Deann shows up and tells Megan the investors are fed up with Kyle. Logan needs to be the male lead.

Terence shows up at the event. Deann wants to know where he's been but he doesn't tell her what happened. He's very short with her.

Kyle is talking to Logan. Megan joins the party.

Terence starts drinking and notice's a woman who is introduced to Megan and Kyle. Her name is Nacine. Terence joins the party. He's very drunk. Terence tells Kyle he almost died but doesn't get a chance to delve into what happened because a guy starts playing piano. Xavier Hughes.

Kyle is jealous of Megan talking to Logan Travers. The two do an interview when Megan passes out. Terence claims it's drugs. Kyle disagrees. 

Megan is very upset and Kyle calms her down.

Shaun is having dinner with James who is wondering why he was ghosted by her for weeks. She explains why.

Terence revisits the garage where he was hijacked. Kyle and Megan talk. Nacine and Xavier visit Kyle and Megan to talk about nothing. Kyle and Nacine goes and looks at something leaving Xavier and Megan alone to talk. Nacine is flirting with Kyle while Xavier is playing piano for Megan.

Xavier and Megan talk about their mothers. Kyle asks Xavier if he's ever acted before after seeing them connect. Shaun gets into James' car. He's going to take her to the facility, but he's got to blindfold her because she's not authorized to go to the facility. He's dead serious about it.

Kyle and Megan get it on in the shower. 

Terence and Deann watch a video of Xavier and Megan auditioning. 

Deann talks to her girlfriend about Terence and him complaining about the sex. Terence is back at the ice rink and having flashbacks. didn't anyone notice he changed cars or doesn't have his old car?

Terence wants to work with Megan to find out what's causing her pain. He thinks it's something else and wants them to work together until they find out what it is. Don't get it.




The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Smart, principled, no bullshit. Is that the New Yorker in you or is that the narrative you crafted at IHM?

Creative Partners Agency Lady

Creative Partners Agency Lady: Terrence is an amazing talent, isn't he?
Megan: Yeah. Yeah, he is.