Getting the Upper Hand - The Arrangement
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Megan is skipping through IHM and Terence questions her about that wanting to know if she felt subconscious or not. She didn't.

Terence tells Megan things will get better. She's not having stomach pains anymore. He associated them with stress.

Megan is working with Terence on issues. He goes over tapes with her that she recorded her first time at IHM. Megan tells Terence, after being pushed, that her biggest fear is him. She's afraid of disappointing him. We know it's not true.

Terence takes Megan out for dinner. She asks him what his greatest fear is and he says snakes but he has a flashback to the garage robbery.

Xavier is working with Kyle on the script. Kyle is trying to get him to get comfortable.

Megan and Terence are continuing dinner. She's asking a lot of questions about his mom. Then she asks him if he's jealous of Kyle and why he and Deann don't have kids.

Terence admits to Megan about the incident in the garage. Megan tells Shaun about it. Shaun wants her to drop it because it was a traumatizing incident. She agrees for now.

Megan has lunch with Xavier and Kyle.

Deann's girlfriend has to go home for business. She's disappointed. The woman shakes down Deann about her choosing Terence and her career over their relationship.

Kyle and Megan get home and start arguing. He thinks she's distracted. He's worried about the movie and that she's going to suck.

He really attacks her about her inexperience with never carrying a film. She blames his anger on his fear that he's going to mess up as a director.

The next morning they talk about their fight.

Shaun tells Terence both good news and bad news. An environmental group blocked the sales of something relating to children. Terence is upset. Shaun tries to comfort him. Is she bs-ing him or is she for real?

Deann walks in and sees them being all touchy-feely. She's not happy and walks away.

Megan is out with Terence again. They are having shots. Kyle is out with Xavier. He's very testy.

Kyle and Xavier get into a fight with a couple of other guys. People are recording it. Megan and Terence are dancing. It's odd. Why are they going out for drinks and dancing anyway?

Terence tells Megan about her father leaving and connects with her about her father and his father. She gets all nervous and wants to get air. She almost passes out. He keeps digging and digging and getting in her head.He tells her he knows because she and he are the same.

Deann is showing Kyle the bar fight tape. She doesn't lecture him. She hasn't heard from her girlfriend and she's upset.

Megan gets to the set. Shaun greets her with a huge bouquet of flowers and asks about how the night went with Terence.

They start filming the movie. She gets through the first scene and tells Megan she was amazing. They get through the first day with no issues.

Terence gives her information on her father. He tells her their work is done and that now she has to get to the root of her issues by herself.

Terence talks to Deann about having kids. He thinks they'd make amazing parents. This takes her by surprise. Deann calls Mason's kid and finds out some horrible news. She's very upset.

Megan hides the folder Terence gave her in her drawer. Kyle tells her she did great. They hug.








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