Weathering the Storm - The Arrangement
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E! News runs a report about the failure of Kill Plan. Terence is listening to it while Deann is watching it over her phone.

Kyle and Megan are having sex before they go to dinner with Terence and Deann. It's Deann's birthday. Deann and Megan are in the bathroom talking about marriage.

Kyle and Terence talk about things like Terence and Deann's plans for a kid.

When Deann and Megan get back, Deann is presented with a birthday cake and song from Xavier.

Megan explains to Terence about Hope. Terence tries to get Xavier to join IHM. 

Kyle and Megan are on their way home. He tells her about Terence and Deann and their plans to have kids and having an open relationship.

At home, Terence presents Deann with a diamond necklace.

Zach is at Kyle's place. He's trying to convince her to go after Terence. She wants him to stop. Is he for real or not?

A rumor comes out that Xavier and Megan are having a fling. She's upset. Kyle wants Terence to fix it.

Wes gives Deann a necklace as a gift. It's Mason's necklace.

Megan's new agent visits her to discuss the problem.

There's a photo shoot set up with Xavier and Megan. They are reframing their narratives.

Xavier's girlfriend doesn't believe that there is nothing going on between him and Megan.

The beach set up is not working because Nacine is pissed off and doesn't believe there is nothing going on. She thinks he's got a thing for Megan and is making a scene. Xavier denies he's falling in love with her. The paparazzi are going crazy.

At home, Kyle tells Megan he sees that Xavier has feelings for her.

Megan tells Zach he's she's ready to meet his friends. Terence meets Wes. Deann tells Terence the truth about Mason. He's upset.

Shaun tries to talk with Terence but he doesn't want to talk. He's still upset. She tells him she goes to church when her foundation is shaky.

Megan meets with Zach's friends, a couple of people who are bucking the IHM. They discuss their experiences. One thing in common is they all dislike Terence and want to bring him down.

Kyle is with his agent. He wants her to do a favor. She wants to sleep with him like they used to way back.

Megan calls Shaun for help and tells her she is looking for a woman while she meets with Terence at her church. Deann heads to Toronto. Kyle knows something is happening between Xavier and Megan even if she doesn't know it yet. He's not happy. Terence is almost moved by church, but he wants to be Jesus.



The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He had a way of seeing students with such clarity. And then he'd transform them.


Xavier: I'm the only one not IHM here.
Deann: Don't be worried. We don't bite.