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Trudy's friend comes to visit, and tells her she has a chance to be an astronaut, and they need support from the Mercury astronauts.

John Glenn tells Annie he has the chance to run for public office, but Annie worries about how she'll handle the public.

Betty and Jo suffer from the heat and not having air conditioning, then visit one of the Gemini Wives who does.

Louise meets Max for lunch, and they talk about the fact that he's leaving the magazine.

Trudy's friend makes a convincing case for why women should be allowed to go be astronauts.

Rene meets with Butterfield, who doesn't feel the need to take her seriously. He offers her a chance to write recipes but nothing more, and she asks how she can prove herself. He tells her she can bring him twenty sample articles.

John Glenn and Scott Carpenter answer questions about their opinions for women to go into space, and their answers are unhelpful. John insists to Trudy that astronauts should be trained as test pilots.

Gordo takes Trudy to fly a plane, and Trudy ends up kissing him after he pulls a stunt.

For Gordo's launch, the automatic systems fail, and he has to land manually. He's able to do it, and sets a record.

Trudy reads an article and learns that the Russians sent the first women into space. Even better? That woman beat Gordo's record.

As Rene presents Butterfield with her twenty articles, and man comes in and announces the president has been shot.

The Mercury families and the Gemini families unite and head to the park to cook out, rather than staying at home watching the coverage of the president.

The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Rene: I'm gonna go and meet him tonight, and I'm gonna get myself a job.
Jo: Job?!

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You ever seen this one during her time of the month? Imagine being locked in a steel capsule with that hurling through space.