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The wives share their experiences of being astronaut wives, including the help Annie has received for her speech, and Rene's new television segment. Alan's vertigo is also gone, and Louise is excited that he could now go up again. She gets emotional at the end of her interview, which it turns out has been with Max.

Trudy gets an offer for an investor for her business while everyone gathers for the next launch. The Apollo 11 moon landing is successful.

During the party to celebrate, Rene learns that Scott has been seeing someone else, but insists she is okay with it. Outside, Annie watches a protest, where she sees the boy, Xavier, who was always so excited about space as a part of the movement.

Trudy gives up her opportunity because Gordo says the timing isn't right.

Then Gordo finds out he isn't going to be on Apollo 13. Instead, Alan is. However shortly after, that decision is overridden.

Rene goes on television, and though she's prepared to speak on women's issues, she is told just moments beforehand that instead, she'll be explaining how to make pineapple cake. During her segment, she strays from that idea to instead talk about birth control.

Betty announces she is using for negligence in the death of Gus.

Apollo 13 launches, but there is an explosion. Luckily, all of the astronauts make it out alive.



The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Trudy: The world just got a lot bigger.
Rene: The question is, what's next?

We're going to the moon. If you can't dream big now, then when can you?