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The astronauts and the wives adjust to their new lives in Texas, and meet a new group of competitors -- the Gemini Astronauts and their wives.

Deke and Marge are dieting together in hopes of Deke restoring his health hopes to be reinstated. Deke inds out that he's been grounded permanently.

The ladies shop for dresses in a consignment shop in hopes of finding something unique.

Gordo teases Trudy about a massager he found in her nightstand while they get ready for the gala, then they hear in the news that the Russians are trying to start a nuclear war.

All of the guys assume they'll be deploying since they are technically still in the military, but Duncan tells them they have to go to the gala and be symbols of hope.

The ladies all attend the gala, and Marge confronts Duncan about Deke being grounded. Duncan tells her some news that Deke simultaneously finds out from the other astronauts, which is that he's been promoted.

Max convinces Louise to leave the party with him, and they both share a little about their pasts. Louise tells Max she had a sister who died, and that she and Alan are raising her daughter.

Jo hasn't been accepted to the Junior League, but Betty and Rene go to her house to show her they are still willing to be her friend even though she didn't treat them well. They bring a chainsaw, and Jo cuts a hole in the fence between their houses.

The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Guys, right now, you are more useful as a symbol of hope than you could ever be flying a jet. Go to that party, get your photos taken. Show the world that nothing scares an American hero.


Betty: Think I can pull this off?
Jo: No.
Betty: But it's got feathers!