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The wives gather with Duncan to learn about the goals of Gemini. Duncan makes specific requests of the women, which involves their sexual duties as well.

The original wives notice one of the women is pregnant, and realize the baby will be born while its father is in space. They talk with her and offer to help however they can. They also learn that another of the other wives has her own issues, with a young son who is very sick.

Louise tries to help by asking Alan to let the woman's husband, Don, come home more often, but Alan says he isn't keeping him away. Louise and Trudy plan to fly down and bring him back.

Meanwhile, Marilyn's husband dies in a car crash, and the wives are asked to help in various ways. The wives are also upset that NASA doesn't have a good plan to break bad news to the families, so they decide to unite with the wives from Gemini and Apollo to demand a change.

Several of the other wives feel uncomfortable making demands. Betty, Jo, and Marge try to convince them otherwise.

Gus puts the trip to Paris he planned for he and Betty on hold because he thinks there is a problem with the capsule for the Apollo mission.

Louise and Trudy find Don at another woman's house.

Marilyn has trouble getting into her husband's office to get his things. They talk to Deke, who refuses to let them in or give them Elliot's things.

The women finally all come together and present their demands to NASA, which it seems are met.

Another time jump takes us through the Gemini mission, then brings us to some devastating news. Gus is killed while testing the capsule for the Apollo mission.

The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I've never been out of the country. And neither has Gus, expect to go to war... or up in to space.


Well it might be a bit distracting when a fourth kid shows up at the dinner table.