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Deke is upset that he’s been grounded, and he feels bitter toward John Glenn because of it.

Jo is certain her husband, Scott Carpenter, is taking his place, but it turns out Rene’s husband is taking his place instead.

Rene is upset with the way her husband is portrayed in the magazine, thinking it’s too personal. She has trouble answering a reporter’s question about whether or not she’ll be praying for her husband during the mission, and she finally answers no, which sparks a controversy.

Jo and Trudy discuss the custom houses they’ll be receiving in Houston, and Trudy finds out the blue prints are not final. She and Rene go to visit their husbands, and Trudy finds Gordo partying and getting attention from a girl.

Max visits Louise, desperate for help. Scott tells Rene all the things he’s excited about for the mission.

Trudy has a drink at the bar, and finds herself chatting with a woman who is there for the astronauts. She finds out that while Alan is considered a “sure bet,” all Gordo wants to talk about is how much he loves his wife.

Gordo tells Trudy he wants to be married to her for real.

All the ladies go to visit Rene, and Max is there too. Rene wants everyone to know the real her, and she plans to write her own article.

While there, Louise goes to see Max, and seems surprised to find he is with a woman.

Scott goes missing after losing fuel on the mission, and the news announces that they may have lost an astronaut.

Rene tells Annie she had a son who died in his sleep when he was six months old. John calls to tell Rene the good news that Scott has been found.

Trudy tells Gordo she’ll go to Houston, and gives him hope they could get back together.

Wally finds out he’ll be next up for a mission.

The Astronaut Wives Club
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The Astronaut Wives Club Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

She has her beliefs, and I have mine. It's a thing called mutual respect.


I want to show the world that I can do more than stand there and look pretty.