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On this episode of The Bachelor, Kelly, Chelsea, Shayne, Ashlee, Noelle, and Robin receive the first date box. The note from Matt says that he’s looking for “a perfect match” and the box contains tennis rackets and tea cups. The girls take to the tennis court to try to impress Matt.

Ashlee sings, Kelly flashes, and Shayne does back handsprings. Robin grabs Matt Grant's attention when she displays her knowledge for tea and British culture. Shayne Lamas confronts her for not playing fair, bringing Robin to tears. Chelsea, meanwhile, leaves the group date with the rose!

Amanda finds out that she’ll be the lucky one to get a one on one date with Matt Grant. The evening is '50s style, complete with wardrobe and a classic car. The two head to a diner, where she gives Matt dancing lessons. He’s a terrible dancer but the two have a great time together.

Matt Grant decides to give her the rose and a kiss. Hot stuff. They top off the evening with a romantic ride on a ferris wheel. Marshana and Holly then join Matt for a dramatic two-on-one date.

Only one will head back to the mansion while the other only receives a one way ticket home. Matt has a hard time putting one woman above the other so he takes each one aside for some alone time. He kisses each one of them, which maybe helped him make his decision.

In a surprise move, he sends Holly home and gives Marshana the rose. Before he puts Holly in the limo, he tells her he felt like he couldn’t really talk to her and felt that there was an emotional connection missing.

At the cocktail party, Matt Grant tells the women how serious he is about finding the woman he is going to spend his life with. He takes each woman aside to try to figure out where their hearts and heads are at.

At the rose ceremony, Amanda, Chelsea, and Marshana are already safe. Our man Matt Grant will hand out just three more roses and send two home.

He gives those roses to Shayne, Robin, and Noelle.

He sends Ashlee and Kelly home. Sad.

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