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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison told the girls that, with hometown dates right around the corner, no roses would be given out before the ceremony. All the girls are headed to meet Matt in Sun Valley, Idaho for some fun in the snow.

The minute they arrive, a snowball fight breaks out and Matt Grant starts wrestling girls in the snow. Chelsea finds out she’ll be headed out on her first one on one date with Matt.

Matt Grant gets a horse drawn sleigh to take Chelsea on a romantic ride. Right off the bat, Chelsea tells him she hates public displays of affection and hates holding hands.

Matt worried that Chelsea struggled with being in a competitive situation on a reality TV show. She tried to show him her romantic side by inviting herself up to his suite, where the two shared a long, romantic kiss.

Matt took Marshana, Shayne Lamas, Robin, and Amanda out for a day of skiing in Sun Valley. Marshana was a terrible skier and spent most of her time, face down, in the snow. Matt took some time with Shayne, who was a very skilled skier, and stole some kisses, too.

Robin interrupted to pull him aside and ask why she didn’t get a one on one date. He tells her that he felt that he already had a strong connection with her, which was the answer she wanted to hear.

When Matt took the girls to a hot tub in the snow, Amanda grabbed him and pulled him away for a few minutes, to steal some kisses.

On his date with Noelle, Matt takes her out for a fun night of ice skating. They talk about the serious car accident that Noelle was in and her take on life really made Matt fall for her. Back at the house, the girls get into a fight over the upcoming hometown dates.

When Marshana says that she knows how Matt lives, Chelsea and Robin gang up on her. Chelsea says that Marshana said that she didn’t want to be on the show and she flips out over the accusation.

Back to the date with Matt and Noelle where she tells him that her feelings are genuine and she would really like to take him to meet her family.

The claws come out as everyone wants time with Matt Grant and a rose.

Marshana rats everybody out to Matt Grant but is interrupted by Chelsea. Robin and Shayne both took some time with Matt to tell them how much they wanted hometown dates and to kiss him.

Matt was left with a tough decision for tonight's rose ceremony, as he had to send two girls home. He chose to give roses to Shayne Lamas, Noelle, Chelsea, and Amanda. Matt eliminated Robin and Marshana.

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