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Matt Grant takes the three remaining women to Barbados. At the end of their dates, Matt will send one woman home, leaving only two in the running.

Matt first met up with Shayne Lamas and they took a spin on some jet skis. They also bounced around on a floating trampoline and took a swim in the ocean. Shayne showed off her splits and straddles, which impressed Matt on a number of levels.

At dinner, she told him that she was falling in love with him.

He told her that he loved spending time with her and invited her to spend the night with him. After thinking about it for a minute, she happily said yes.

Next, Matt heads out on a date with Amanda. They go on an exciting zip line ride through the jungle. At dinner, Amanda really puts her heart out on the line, so that Matt can see how much she cares about him.

She tells him that she can’t picture life without him and he promptly hands her the fantasy suite card. She doesn’t even hesitate and eagerly says yes.

Finally, Matt Grant meets up with Chelsea and the two head out on a boat ride. She keeps her distance for some reason. When they go swimming with sea turtles, she doesn’t go near him at all.

At dinner, he tells her this is starting to feel more like a friendship to him than a relationship. Chelsea quickly drops her defenses and tells him that she really does care for him. She accepts the fantasy suite card and shows up wearing nothing but a black nightie.

At the rose ceremony, Matt gave the first rose to Shayne Lamas and the second to Chelsea. Surprisingly, he decided to send Amanda home, setting up The Bachelor finale for the ages.

The Bachelor
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