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This week on The Bachelor, there will be one more group date and two one-on-one dates. Chris Harrison informs everyone that Stephanie has the first one-on-one date, and she celebrates that she finally gets face time.

Stephanie's limo pulls up at the beach where Jason Mesnick meets her. They take a walk on the beach where Stephanie shows off her cartwheeling.

Then, out of nowhere, her daughter Sophia comes running toward her on the beach, and Stephanie greets her with joyful cries of "I love you."

Sophia is pretty adorable, and Stephanie is touched by Jason's gesture. He has a special surprise for Sophia: the limo takes the three of them to Legoland, which has been reserved just for the three of them.

After the meal and right before the birthday cake, Jason presents Stephanie with a Lego rose, which she accepts.

Back at the mansion, another date card: Shannon, Naomi, Melissa, Kari, Jillian, Nikki, Erica and Megan are notified that they'll be going on the group date.

He picks up the women, who are dressed in going-out clothes even though it's the middle of the day. Natalie, who got left behind, is a little bitter.

The limo brings them to a loft that is filled with a bunch of busts, except that these busts are casts of actual busts, not the head and shoulders.

They will be making casts of their busts that they will paint themselves, and the busts will be auctioned off to support a breast cancer awareness organization.

Jason Mesnick volunteers to go first, and he gets rubbed down with baby oil to make the cast. When it's the women's turn, they get undressed behind screens before getting cast.

Shannon asks Jason to personally plaster some plaster on her body.

Megan says she enjoys getting naked. Kari dedicates her bust to her step-sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently.

After they finished painting, they get back into their snazzy evening wear and they all go upstairs to hang out.

Jason Mesnick has only one rose to give to one woman on the group date. He has some one-on-one time with some of the women.

Melissa shares a secret with him that she had breast reduction surgery when she was 17 and that she's really super-critical of herself.

He's really impressed that she would open up to him like that.

During her time, Megan lets him know that she is very interested in giving back to organizations like this breast cancer awareness group.

Back downstairs, Erica bitches to the other women that she wishes she had one-on-one time with Jason, instead of Megan, who is her sworn enemy.

Back at home, Stephanie reads the next note from Jason and tells Natalie that she has a one-on-one date next.

OK, now back to the group date. Jillian talks about marriage to Jason. These two seem to connect very well.

It's time for Jason Mesnick to choose one person to give the rose to, and it's Jillian.

Dressed to the nines, J comes over to pick Natalie up for their date. Natalie is still upstairs getting dressed, and she looks kind of stressed out.

Finally, she comes downstairs, and Jason compliments on her looks but says that she might be missing something.

At that point, a random dude walks in with a case, and Jason presents her with a diamond necklace and bracelet, over a million dollars' worth of diamonds.

Nikki has a case of sour grapes because she thinks Natalie is materialistic and self-centered and would never want to become a wife and step-mom.

Jason and Natalie enjoy champagne in the limo, which pulls up to a private jet which will take them to Las Vegas. Natalie is thrilled.

Back at the mansion, there's a lot of analysis going on. They think Natalie is a bit two-faced, and if Jason falls for her tonight, they'll know that he's not seeing the real her.

Natalie and Jason get off the jet somewhere in the desert and then hop onto a helicopter for a ride to take them to Sin City.

In Vegas, they hop into another limo – silver, this time. Natalie wants to elope while they are there. Har har.

At dinner, Jason asks Natalie if she can tell him something about herself that he doesn't know, and she completely zones out.

Jason finds it frustrating to have a conversation with her because he's not getting any answers. He also suspects she's not being altogether truthful.

There's one surprise he has in store. He brings her to Jet Nightclub, which has been reserved especially for them. Kate Voegele gives them a private performance.

Dancing together, it really seems to be Natalie's last chance to make a good impression on Jason. She totally wants to kiss, but he finally realizes that he's not feeling it.

He sits her down and tells her that he's not feeling enough for her to keep her around. She doesn't really take it gracefully.

Back at the house, the other women rejoice when someone comes in to retrieve Natalie's packed bags, signifying her elimination. Erica and Megan even dance around, drinks in hand, at the elimination.

Jason arrives at the mansion for this week's cocktail party. He is curious to find out which two girls Natalie was talking about when she said that there were mean girls still in the running.

Naomi doesn't tell on anyone; instead, she admits to him that she has only been in one relationship before. They kiss.

Nikki wants to show Jason her fun side and gets to first base, too.

During Erica's time alone with Jason, she catches him checking out her boobs.

Molly gets time with Jason, and she is charming, admitting to him that she gets butterflies in her stomach when he comes around. They kiss.

Shannon leaves the party, saying she's not feeling well. Jason comes find her, and she starts crying, spilling her guts about how much she wants to stay.

Jason pulls Stephanie aside. She already has a rose, so she has a new-found confidence. She tells him to close his eyes, and she kisses him.

Lauren wants to clear the air with Jason. Megan is worried, and rightly so, because Lauren tells it like it is about Megan and Erica.

Lauren says that if Megan and Erica are Jason's types, then she clearly is not is type. To his credit, Jason won't judge Megan and Erica because he personally has not seen any negative characteristics.

Chris Harrison plays moderator with everyone present and asks the women if anyone is willing to clear the air in front of Jason.

Megan pipes up and says that she felt surprised and targeted to learn that other women were talking trash about her. A tense argument between Lauren and Megan ensues, and Shannon runs out of the room and starts puking.

Megan trash talks about Shannon. After a while, Shannon comes back, and the ceremony continues ...

Stephanie and Jillian both have roses already.

Jason Mesnick gives roses to:

  • Molly
  • Lauren
  • Melissa
  • Naomi
  • Shannon
  • Nikki
  • Megan

Erica and Kari are outta here.

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