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Chris Harrison opens the episode by telling the women that this week, there will be a one-on-one date this week, a group date, and a special two-on-one date in which only one woman will get a rose.

To help Jason Mesnick decide who gets the one-on-one, the women must write and perform an original love song, and he'll pick his favorite.

The women only got 30 minutes to write it, and everyone rushes to write their songs. Molly's going the funny route, Stephanie's going the cheesy Josh Groban route, Shannon writes a rap song, and Nikki just freaks. S

Jason picks Molly because she had Jason participate.

Molly gets a note explaining her date, which hints at staying in with Jason. She packs her belongings in preparation for the date, just in case she doesn't get a rose and has to leave immediately.

Jason shows up dressed casually to pick her up, while all the other women speculate on whether they will kiss again.

Jason takes Molly back to his pad, where a picnic dinner is laid out on the living room floor. Jason asks Molly about what her next step is.

Jillian, Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Melissa and Naomi are invited on the group date to “play doctor,” which leaves Nikki and Stephanie for the two-on-one date. Nikki starts to cry again.

This time, it's because she doesn't want to go against Shannon on the two-on-one because she is afraid that Stephanie will best her.

On Molly's date, Jason leads her outside where there is a tent and campfire set up in the yard, with s'mores. Molly delivers an impassioned monologue about how Jason is exactly the kind of man she's looking for.

He picks up the rose and tells her how much he'd like to get to know her, but ... there's more he'd like to learn about her! Yay!

The next morning, with the sun rising over the tops of the trees, Jason brings Molly home. He kisses her good-bye on the front steps.

After a little while, Jason comes back wearing a new set of clothes to pick the six women who are going on the group date.

The limo pulls up to the set of General Hospital, and everyone gets really excited. Everyone walks up to a set where Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms are filming a scene.

The bachelorettes are sent to hair and makeup with some scripts to study. Megan's character is supposed to kiss him.

Jason Mesnick, dressed in red scrubs, is possibly the worst actor ever.

Naomi, playing the naughty maid in a French maid outfit, is actually pretty good, and gets to kiss him about 11 times.

Lauren, playing the wife, comes in and catches them red-handed.

In the next scene, Jason proposes to Jillian. Acting, of course.

Back at the mansion, Stephanie and Nikki discuss their upcoming date.

During Megan's scene, she throws herself entirely into the kiss with Jason.

After the General Hospital shoot, Jason takes everyone to a Hollywood wrap party. Not everyone is in the mood to party, however, because there's jealousy and insecurity in the air.

Naomi sits off by herself, sulking. He brings her downstairs for a private chat, and he does her best to reassure her that he might not know why, but he believes that they'll be in each other's lives forever.

Everyone else is feeling sulky and jealous. Everyone, that is, except for Megan, who is having the time of her life. Or so she says.

Lauren privately asks Jason why he decided to keep Megan in last week's Rose Ceremony, and she all but demands a rose this week.

Jason asks to talk to Melissa next. He wraps her in a big hug and says that he doesn't care that she's crying. She admits that she's falling for him and today really made her realize that.

They start making out, and they are basically all over each other. Shannon interrupts them at that moment, so she gets the next private conversation.

At the end of the date, Jason picks up the rose, and I'm going to predict that it's Melissa who gets it. Doh, I was wrong. He gives it to Naomi.

The next morning, Stephanie and Nikki find that they have two beautiful gowns for their romantic, fairytale date that night.

Stephanie, Nikki and Jason pull up to a beautiful restaurant with an outdoor dance floor with romantic lighting. A dance instructor named Deborah shows up and gives them all a lesson in waltz.

Nikki, predictably, has a very difficult time coming out of her shell, and she's really hard on herself when she tries dancing with Jason.

Stephanie has a really easy time of it because she's had a lot of experience with dance. Stephanie is secure in the knowledge that she has more of a connection with Jason than Nikki does.

It's time for Jason to get serious and choose which woman to send home and which woman to keep around. He says privately to the camera that really likes Stephanie but he isn't feeling a strong romance with her.

However, Nikki caught his eye right away. Nikki is more than willing to hop on a plane and move, but also tells him about her 11-year relationship.

Back at the mansion, all the other women sit around in pajamas discussing who Jason will pick on his two-on-one date.

It's finally time for Jason to choose.

He picks up the rose and addresses both Stephanie and Nikki, explaining how much he appreciates both of them. Then he gives the rose to Stephanie.

The next evening, everyone is dressed up for the cocktail party and Rose Ceremony. Melissa is looking much more confident right now.

Megan is wearing strange dress consisting of tiers of fabric. Stephanie is veritably busting out of her dress as well.

Next, Jason sits down next to Shannon and Lauren. Lauren threatens to slap Jason for not giving her the rose on the group date.

The Rose Ceremony

Molly, Naomi and Stephanie already have roses.

Jason gives roses to Melissa and Jillian.

He only has one more rose to give, and after a dramatic pause, he stops and says that he can't give out the final rose.

He compliments the three women left (Megan, Lauren and Shannon) but says that he can't lead anyone on. He doesn't see any of them as "forever."

The three of them join Nikki in the ranks of the unemployed reality stars.

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