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The episode opens with Jason Mesnick talking about each of the three women, beginning with Jillian. He again tells us that he wants the passion and romance to increase between them.

With Molly, he was enamored initially with her eyes, but he wants her to open up to him some more.

He says that Melissa reminded him initially of his ex-wife and of DeAnna Pappas, but after getting to know her some more, she has proven herself to be different.

But after her hometown date, in which her parents refused to meet with him, he is now questioning whether she's really serious about him.

Stock camera shots of an airplane in the sky and some incredibly beautiful scenery indicate that we are now in New Zealand, where Jason will get to skank it up and spend three nights in a row with three different women.

Jason's first New Zealand date is with Jillian, and he picks her up in a helicopter. It's pretty sweet.

The helicopter lands on a ledge overlooking a lake, where a picnic is laid out. Jason loves that he is there alone with her.

As they sit down to champagne, they tell each other what they like about each other. Jillian says she is looking ultimately for a best friend.

That evening, after a quick change of clothes, Jason takes her to a winery for dinner. Jason asks her what she liked most about their day together.

Jason exposits in an interview that after dinner, he has the option of inviting her to spend the night in a fantasy suite.

In order to do so, he asks her how she's dealing with everything, and she replies that that she is overwhelmed by the whole experience, but she is loving the unexpected connection she feels with him.

She asks him if he has something to give her tonight, and he pulls out an envelope which contains an invitation and key to the fantasy suite.

They strip down into their swim suits and then they hop into the hot tub to make out some more. There's some mild groping going on.

It's time for Molly's date. It's raining today, and umbrella in hand, Jason leads her to a bridge off of which they will bungee jump.

Molly is freaked out. They get strapped to their bungees, and then they jump, or rather, fall off the bridge. She muses how bungee jumping is a metaphor for falling in love with Jason.

Afterwards, they sat down to lunch where Molly presents him with a long list of questions about favorite foods and ice cream and things.

She asks him how long he takes getting ready in the morning. He needs 20 minutes for his morning routine, and she says that she normally takes 45 minutes to get ready, but she can do it in five if necessary.

Meanwhile, Jason is having fun with her questions, but he is concerned that Molly might be all fun with very little substance, and he hopes that he'll find out for sure that night.

For the evening portion of the date, Molly gets nervous about opening up more to Jason. She shows up at his hotel, and they sit down to dinner.

Jason interrogates her about why she claims that New Zealand is her favorite place. He asks about her parents, about why everyone in her family didn't seem to sit close together or touch. She explains that her family is not a mushy-gushy family and that's just the way they are.

She says that she's similar to them in that respect; she has a hard time letting her guard down, but she really wants to.

She tries to impress upon him with words how much she wants to be with him, even saying that she is falling in love with him.

That's enough for Jason to want to spend the night with her.

The next day is Melissa's turn to try to convince Jason to pick her. Their greeting is a lot more passionate than either of the two before.

They get out on a lake in Winston Churchill's old boat, and the scenery is breathtaking. Melissa expresses her fears of really getting hurt.

Next, they dock the boat to explore some hot pools. They change into swim suits, giving Jason another chance to get shirtless.

The pool is indoors, but the window slides up, opening up the room to the outdoors. Jason asks Melissa about why her parents stood him up.

The evening begins on the waterfront in downtown Queenstown. She's still preoccupied about her parental situation, so she brings it up again.

She asks if it's a big deal for him that he didn't get to meet her folks, but he doesn't give a completely straight answer.

Jason presents Melissa with his invitation to his fantasy suite, and of course, she says yes. They retire to their suite.

She admits that she has definitely fallen head over heels in love with him, and he interrupts her confession with a passionate kiss.

Chris Harrison has his usual pre-ceremony chat with Jason, and they rehash the first hour and a half of the show.

To help Jason make his decision, each woman has made a private, personal video message to him.

Everyone is assembled outside on a beautiful hillside overlooking the lake. Chris Harrison reminds everyone what's at stake.

Jason begins the ceremony saying how difficult this decision is.

The first rose goes to Melissa. The final rose goes to Molly.

He pulls Jillian aside to assure her that he really, truly cares about her, but their lives are too different.

From inside the limo, Jillian wipes away her tears, and confesses that she used to be jaded about love, but she definitely found love with Jason.

Next week on The Bachelor, it's the reunion show, and the women will tell all. Which really means not all that much.

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