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Jake gives us a recap of the show, how he thinks Tenley is too perfect but he has lightning-hot chemistry with Vienna. Now it's on to the family meetings.

Tenley meets the parents

Tenley is full of great soundbites about Jake's character and values and whatnot. Perfect way to approach the family.

The brothers and sisters-in-law tell Jake that Tenley seems like the one. They don't even want to meet Vienna!

They jump in the pool with all their clothes on, totally unrehearsed and totally romantic!

Then the rest of the family joins them. Less romantic.

Vienna meets the parents

Vienna is nervous and following Tenley, you can sort of see why. IVienna immediately brings up how the girls hated her from the beginning.

Vienna says it's because she's brutally honest and she manages to come off as a witch.

Sallie, Jake's mom, is not happy with Vienna. Her weird sarcasm and lack of anything nice to say is really making it awkward.

Jake thinks his mom's opinion is because he set Vienna up to be the "bad guy" by telling them Vienna was not well-liked in the house. Come on, dude. Vienna's meeting your parents is the worst meeting-of-the-parents ever.

Still, they sort of come around as the sisters-in-law reassure Jake that Vienna sees him how he really is, while Vienna tries to make her case to his mom.

She sort of changes her mind, albeit without the gushing that Tenley got.

Vienna's Date

They head to a Sulfur Spring and get muddy and smooch. Typical Vienna date.

That night, Vienna talks to Jake about her sham wedding from a few years ago where she and her friend were just being silly kids.

She gives Jake her promise ring because she told her dad she'd give it to the man she wanted to do things right with

Tenley's Date

Tenley and Jake go snorkeling and relax on their boat in the sunset and Jake says he worries that he and Tenley have emotional chemistry but no physical chemistry.

Tenley sighs with tears in her eyes and says, "I feel it." Ouch. Real-life Disney character.

That night, Tenley is really nervous about him coming over to her suite. Jake shows up and he feels so badly about how the talk on the yacht went.

Jake reassures her that he just wanted to be honest with her and he does love her.

She then gives him a photo collage that she made.

Ring Shopping

Jake springs shirtlessly out of bed and tries to look contemplative while being shirtless on the balcony. Neil Lane, the ring guy, arrives and ABC tries to make it look like Jake and Neil are these weird BFFs.

The Final Rose

Tenley is first. Never a good sign. Jake takes her hands and you can tell the exact moment she realizes it isn't her. Her smile tugs down just a little. Oh, Tenley.

Jake starts crying and Tenley's crying and he says something just doesn't feel right. She appreciates his honesty, which is preposterous.

He walks her out and in the limo, Tenley says that Jake will end up seeing the mistake he made but that she's thankful for being able to dream again.

Vienna arrives and Jake gives back her promise ring, which is a total fake-out move. Vienna looks like she's going to just hurl.

Jake gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She cries and laughs and they hug and it's all very nice.

After the Final Rose

The special kicks off with a video recap of Tenley Molzahn getting her heart broken by Jake on the final episode. Oh, Tenley. She tells Chris Harrison she's ready to see Jake.

We now find out during the commercials that Jake is the newest Dancing with the Stars contestant. Weak.

Jake comes out onstage and he and Tenley very genuinely hug each other. That's nice to see. He assures Tenley that he's happy and she asks about what was missing.

He says there was (and is) nothing wrong with Tenley.

Jake says it was just that magical spark that he has with Vienna and doesn't have with Tenley. He says Tenley is precious and he'll always love her.

Jake then is one-on-one with Chris and he cals Vienna his "baby" and says they have so much heat. We are a little creeped.

Chris and Jake then talk up his choice of Vienna and what a maverick Jake was as the Bachelor. That is just how he rolls.

They finally bring Vienna out and they hug and show off her ring. Vienna can't wait to just go out to dinner together.

The couple now tells Chris that Vienna is moving to Dallas immediately. Wow.

Now the big announcement. The new Bachelorette star is Ali Fedotowsky!

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