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Chris Harrison greets the remaining nine (Ella, Vienna, Tenley, Corrie, Gia, Kathryn, Jessie, Ali, and Ashleigh) by explaining they're leaving on a roadtrip, and points them to the two massive RVs parked in their mansion's driveway. 


They arrive at a huge winery where Jake set up his tent.

Date #1: Gia.

Jake picks up Gia on his motorcycle to take her 100 meters away, to the other side of the vineyard, where they play Hide 'n Seek and Spin the Bottle.

Jake calls the date the "beginning of a fairy tale," and boy, did it live up to it!They kiss, and a magical haze of romance envelops them.

A rose for Gia.

Date #2: Jessie, Ashleigh, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Vienna

Jake hopes the ladies are ready to "get dirty." Dune-buggying and sand-surfing on Pismo Beach, that is.

During the date, the very forward Vienna irritates everyone.

Tenley and Corrie remember that the date is about having fun in the sand with the guy that they like.

Later, at the group cocktail party at a fancy inn, Jake takes private meetings with each girl, and Vienna requests the final one, which really peeves Ali.

During the alone time, Jake doesn't feel chemistry from Ashleigh, and Ali uses hers to pry about how Jake's feeling about his next rose ceremony.

Sweet Tenley rubs Jake's head in her lap and talks more about her painful divorce, and Vienna claims that everyone hates her.

Tenley gets the group date rose.

Date #3: Kathryn and Ella

Kathryn and Ella have drawn the dreaded "2-on-1" date. Jake has nothing special planned, partly because he knew how it was gonna end.

So Jake sent BOTH Kathryn and Ella home.

Jake burns the rose.

At the cocktail party, Jessie pulls a Jake on Jake, saying she cares too much about him to NOT say that Vienna is self-centered and spoiled.

Rose Ceremony:

Jake has four roses to give out (to make for 6 total, including Tenley and Gia).

He gives roses to:


And then he needs to take a break. He wants to know if he can cut two more, not just one. Chris concurs.

Jake gives the final rose to ...


Farewell, Ashleigh, Jessie, Kathryn, and Ella.

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