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It's the second episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.

We've got three dates this week: two groups and one solo.

Group Date #1: Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia, Corrie, Christina, Ashleigh.

Jake whisks these lucky six off to a swanky hotel for... a special photo shoot with InStyle magazine. Five of the girls are thrilled. Christina's drunk. And far from confident.

The girls act really trashy and Rozlyn triumphs with the rose.

1-on-1 Date: Ali.

Ali dons a huge diamond necklace, courtesy of Chris Harrison, for her solo date with Jake, a flight in a small plane, and a drive to Palm Springs.

She gets a rose, obviously.

Group Date #2: Elizabeth, Jessie, Kathryn, Ashley, Vienna

This means Michelle, Tenley and Ella don't get dates this week. Jake takes these lucky five to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and they get the park all to themselves.

There, we learn that Vienna has been married. She tells him she was engaged to her pastor's son when she was a senior in high school, but then called it off. A month later he got married to someone else, then got divorced.

Jake gives the group date rose to Elizabeth, because she "intrigues" him and he wants to show that he respects her boundaries. She plays hard to get.

Meanwhile, Michelle is insane and decided to pack her things and go when she found out that she wouldn't be on a date with Jake this week, but Tenley convinced her to stay:

The Scandal

Chris Harrison approaches Rozlyn and asks to speak to her in private. He then tells her that the producers have caught on to her "inappropriate relationship" with one of their "staffers."

Rozlyn seems to stand silently, perhaps dumbfounded.

While she does not admit to any wrongdoing, she packs up her things and goes.

Chris tells Jake and the other 14 women, who are shocked.

Roses: Ali (1-on-1 date), Elizabeth (group date), Vienna, Gia, Tenley, Ella, Valishia, Corrie, Jessie, Ashleigh, Michelle, and Kathryn.

Eliminated: Christina, Ashley and Rozlyn.

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