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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2, Chris Soules brings a little bit of Iowa to LA for his first group date of the season. The ladies chosen to accompany him on said date are first treated to a pool party whereby they can be ogled in their bikinis. The second part of this date features the ladies racing tractors down the streets of Los Angeles in their bikinis.

Ashley I. wins the tractor race and earns herself some alone time with Chris. Mackenzie, however, wins the group date rose and gets to go for a private dinner with the bachelor. There she tells him about her son, Kale, and later he kisses her on the dance floor. The next day she tells the girls about kissing Chris.

Megan gets the first one on one date and goes for a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon. 

The second group date of the week has Chris and his ladies facing off against a zombie hoard. Ashley S. displays bizarre behavior which Chris says he can't quite figure out. 

During the rose ceremony, Britt breaks down when she sees Ashley I. kissing Chris. During the rose ceremony, he sends five girls home.

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