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The first group date gets underway and the theme is to make the women badass.

Victoria Fuller, Tahzjuan Hawkins, and Courtney, and Courtney Robertson returned to help.

Tahzjuan later returns at the end of the date and asks Zach if she can be a part of the season because she believes he's someone worth spending time with.

He says it's huge and he'll think about it.

Cat tells the other women and they go try to grill her about her return and say that it isn't fair.

Tahzjuan says she knows that the women will have qualms about her but doesn't think they're valid. She then tells them that many of them barely even participated in the date.

She tried to reiterate to them that they only have a small amount of time and they need to make every minute count.

Zach returns and tells the ladies that he didn't want Tahzjuan to join the competition because it wouldn't have ben fair on them.

Zach goes on a date with Christina and they have a rare old time, but things taker a bit  of a turn when she tells him about her daughter. Zach isn't sure about being a stepfather but he's also not closing the door on her.

She visits his family.

Christina got a rose at the end of the date, Catherine got it for the first group date, and Jess got it for the second.

Briana is upset because she thought she'd get a rose during a date but she is reassured by Zach that they're in good standing.

Brianna turns to Christina to call her out for her behavior on night one when she said "hate you," to her and Christina doesn't recall but says she never wants to make anyone feel like that.

At the rose ceremony, the following women get the roses:

Brooklyn, Genevie, Greer, Ally, Charity, Katie, Gaby, Arielle, Anastasia, Kylie, Davia, Mercedes, Bailey,  and Brianna.



The Bachelor
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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 2 Quotes

Honestly, like, it's been really, really hard. We're moving into the mansion, and I feel like I don't have any support system.


I'm so happy that I was chosen by America, but it always kind of leaves this bit of doubt in my mind of whether or not what I feel for him is reciprocated.