Watch The Bachelor online now to meet Chris Soules' 22 hopefuls! Will the farmer take a wife this season?

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Will the farmer take a wife on The Bachelor Season 19? If The Bachelor Spoilers are any indication, YES! He most certainly will! But who will his bride be? We'll have to watch The Bachelor online for that tidbit!

Potential candidates are a waitress, a ballet teacher, a yoga instructor, a cadaver tissue saleswoman, or a sports fishing enthusiast. Then there's a cruise ship singer, a flight attendant, or a soccer coach! What about the plus-sized model or the guidance counselor?

Are any of them fitting choices for Farmer Chris? So far, one front runner has emerged with others showing their true colors as potentially insane. At least two of them can't hold their liquor and at least 10 of them are catty bitches. That's pretty much par for the course for this series though, isn't it? (Yes, it totally is.)

Chris Soules definitely has a type and that type is brunette. Nearly all of the dark-haired beauties in the group received roses in the ceremony with a smattering of blondes in the mix for good measure. Might Chris Soules still be pining after Andi Dorfman? She did break his heart when she sent him packing.

Episode Details

The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 1, we reunite with Chris Soules and we meet the 30 women who want to win his heart. Will any of them be success?

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