Watch The Bachelor online as Chris Soules continues his quest for love by making some of the women drive tractors in their bikinis!

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2, Chris Soules got the girls on his first group date of the season to race tractors in bikinis. Watch The Bachelor online to see who won the race. By the way, was it really Chris' idea to have the girls drive tractors in bikinis? That had to be producers, right? Soules seems like a genuinely nice guy, a gentleman, and not someone who would ever stoop to such a level of actively promoting bikini tractor racing. What was up with him choosing Mackenzie? She's too young and immature for him and definitely not ready for the isolated life on a farm in the middle of Iowa. Plus, she named her kid after a salad garnish. KALE IS NOT A NAME. Maybe she meant to name him Kal-El and she can't spell. Juelia also has a daughter. Her name is Ireland. That's marginally better since Ireland is at least a pretty place and not a tasteless green that no one can really figure out what to do with. Kale chips are not chips. Jordan was drunk her entire time on The Bachelor and that will be her claim to fame when she returns to college.

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 2, Chris gets to know his bachelorettes by have them race tractors in bikinis and there ends up being one lucky winner.

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