Watch The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 10 online to see who makes it to the Final Two in the competition for Chris Soules' heart!

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 10, Chris Soules and the three remaining women head to Bali for a series of romantic one on one dates. Watch The Bachelor online to see Chris Soules talk to monkeys! It's a hoot!

Chris visits temples with Kaitlyn and Becca; he meditates with Kaitlyn and is told by a psychic that he and Becca should make love in the fantasy suite. With Whitney, he sails around the Indian Ocean on a private yacht and she says this just feels like the kind of thing she would do every day.

Welllll, probably not in Arlington, Iowa she won't. Not unless people have perfected the art of sailing on soybeans. And hey, maybe that's a thing.

All three women are invited to the Fantasy Suites (alone, on their own nights, you weirdos). Once inside the suite, Becca drops the news that she's a virgin and she's not giving up her V-card until Chris puts some vows on it. He's totallly cool with that until the next morning when he can't decide if she's falling in love with him because of the show or because she's falling in love with him.

He goes into the rose ceremony not really sure what he's going to do and takes Becca for a private talk. When he returns, it's clear that he's made his decision. You have to watch The Bachelor online to see what that decision will be.

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 10, secrets are revealed in the fantasy suite when Chris and the last three remaining women take a trip to Bali.

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