Watch The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11 online to see what happens when Chris Harrison puts Britt, Kelsey, Jade and Kaitlyn in the hot seat!

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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11, Chris Harrison dressed up some crazy and paraded it around a studio wearing cocktail dresses. Watch The Bachelor online to see Ashley S. bring The Bachelor host an onion grown right in her own yard. Allegedly. (Yes, she really is as nuts as she appears.)

Kaitlyn is upset that Chris made her go through a rose ceremony when he knew he'd send her home and wants to know why he didn't give her the same courtesy Andi gave him. He says...he just didn't.

Jade confronts him about some hurtful statements he made in his People blog and Chris Soules uses his everyman charm to say "hey, I'm not so good with words, you know?" And she buys his reasoning and laughs it off and goes on about her day.

The highlight of the night was watching Kelsey squirm as the women confronted her about all the crazy things she said and did this season. She tried to talk her way out of it but absolutely no one believes she's anything other than crazy.

Britt and Carly square off over the fact that Britt thinks Carly's the reason she was sent home.

Episode Details

It's that time again! The women tell all about Chris Soules and their Bachelor experience on The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11.

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