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After being sent home by Nick Viall right after the fantasy suite dates on the last season of The Bachelor, it's Rachel Lindsay's turn to call the shots. She's put her life as an attorney in Dallas, Texas on hold, and ABC is giving her the star treatment. We follow Rachel doing a photoshoot, getting her outfits in order and getting advice from her former costars like Corinne, Alexis and Raven.

There is a record breaking 31 men competing for the Bachelorette's heart this season, and the first one out of the limo is Peter. He seems to have a strong connection with Rachel and even points out they both have gaps between their teeth (how romantic!). Other limo entrance highlights include Jonathon, who tickles Rachel, Adam, who brought his doll, and Lucas, who's occupation (and only passion) is "Whaboom." 

At the cocktail party, Rachel reconnects with an old friend, Fred, who went to the same grade school as her. She also tries to spend time with all of the other men, but it is hard to find time to speak to all 31 of them. Despite Josiah being extremely confident that he is going to get the first impression rose, Bryan is the one who ends up with the rose (and the first kiss!). 

Notable men who didn't get a rose at the rose ceremony include ____. 


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