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After meeting all of the men during the premiere, it's time for Rachel to start going on dates to find her future husband. On the first group date, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher help host a "Husband Material" obstacle course. Whaboom (Lucas) pulls off an unexpected win, but Dean gets the first group date rose.

The first one up for a one-on-one date is Peter. Accompanied by Rachel's dog, Copper, they take a helicopter to Palm Springs and go to a dog pool party. The chemistry between the two of them is undeniable, and he gets a rose.

On the second group date, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar teaches the men how to play basketball, but he's overshadowed by DeMario's ex-girlfriend. She shows up after the game and claims that she was hooking up with a DeMario a week before he showed up on the After The Final Rose special. DeMario tries to deny this, but Rachel sends her home after seeing the girlfriend's text messages. 

Josiah comforts Rachel, and gets the group date rose. Before the rose ceremony, DeMario shows up and wants to talk to Rachel. The episode ends with a "to be continued." 

The Bachelorette
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