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After taking a week off, The Bachelorette is back and as dramatic as ever. Before the rose ceremony, Eric and Kenny both fight with Lee. It's clear that none of the men like Lee or think that he is genuine, but Rachel sees a different side of Lee when they're alone. He gets a rose, and Diggy, Brady and Bryce are sent home.

The group travels to Hilton Head Island for the next set of dates. Dean gets the first one-on-one. Rachel and Dean go on a picnic, ride in a blimp and go to an outdoor concert. Dean opens up about his mother passing away when he was young, and Rachel gives him the rose.

On the group date, Rachel brings the remaining men on a boat ride. After partying on the boat, Chris Harrison hosts a spelling bee. Josiah wins, and the rest of the men showed Rachel they cannot spell. During the cocktail party at the group date, Iggy tells Rachel that he thinks Josiah isn't genuine. Josiah (understandably) gets angry when he discovers this, and fights with Iggy.

The drama shifts back to Lee and Kenny when Lee tells Rachel that Kenny is aggressive. Rachel takes matters into her own hands and asks Kenny about the situation. Kenny is discouraged when he thinks Rachel believes Lee over him.

Peter Stone is the only guy who didn't go on a date this episode, so the next episode will presumably feature him on a one-on-one date with Rachel. 

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