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Rachel's first hometown date is with Eric in Baltimore, Maryland. He opens up to Rachel about his family's troubled past and experiences with drugs and prison in Baltimore. Eric confesses he's never brought a girl home, but Rachel gets along well with his family, especially his aunt, from the beginning. Eric does Rachel he's falling in love with her before she leaves.

The next hometown date is with Bryan in Miami, Florida. Rachel is super into Bryan, but nervous to meet his mother because his last girlfriend did not get along with her. Bryan's mother makes it clear to Rachel that she will not be happy if she hurts him, but also gives Rachel her approval. Bryan also tells Rachel that he is in love with her.

Then, Rachel heads to Madison, Wisconsin to meet Peter's family. His family and friends get along great with Rachel, but his mother does not give Rachel any confirmation that he is ready to get married. Peter does not tell Rachel that he is in love with her yet.

Dean's family is the last one she meets in Aspen, Colorado. Dean has an estranged relationship with his father, and it's extremely awkward to watch them try to reconnect. Dean tells Rachel that he's falling in love with her, but at the rose ceremony, she sends him home.

The Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 8 Quotes

I've been running from love my whole life, and I've grown and I've evolved, and I understand it. And I'm not running no more.


I'm getting judged by black people, and I'm getting judged by everybody else.