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This week on The Bachelorette, the guys learn they will have to live in the guest house, not the mansion. However, each week, three guys would get to live in the mansion with DeAnna Pappas.

This week, the three who received first impression roses (Jeremy, Jesse, and Richard) were the first to head into the mansion. The guest house was less than desirable, with 12 guys sharing one room.

The shower was even outside. Talk about roughing it.

The first date box goes to Jason, Ryan, Twilley, Sean, Paul, Fred, and Richard. The card from DeAnna simply reads: “Do you believe in magic?”

The date takes place in a private magician’s club that was reserved just for them. Thanks to a disappearing act, DeAnna and Jason grab some time alone with one another.

Sean received a moment alone but a creepy playing piano kept interrupting him. He got flustered. DeAnna surprisingly chose to give a rose to Paul.

The second date box went to Graham, who was invited on a private date with DeAnna. She brought him to the beach for a good old fashioned kite fly. Afterwards, they sat together on the beach and spent time getting to know each other.

When Graham didn’t open up, DeAnna started to get nervous and consider sending him home. She ends up putting her fears aside and offers Graham a rose.

As they head back from their date, Twilley decides that he needs to go to the mansion to talk to her. He spies on the end of her date with Graham, watching them kiss from the bushes.

As Graham leaves, Twilley comes out, catching DeAnna off guard, and asks for a moment of her time. She looked less than thrilled that he ambushed her and said that he really wanted to explore a relationship with her.

The final date box of the episode went to Chris, Robert, Brian, Jesse, Ron, Jeremy, and Eric. Their note said: “A diamond is a girl’s best friend. Step up to the plate.” At Dodgers Stadium, the guys were surprised by baseball legend Tommy Lasorda.

He gave them a pep talk and then coached them through batting practice.  Though a few of the guys managed to impress, it was Jeremy who hit 6 homeruns and earned a little time with DeAnna.

Jeremy really opened up to DeAnna, revealing that he lost both his parents.  He received the rose, as their private conversation played out in front of the other guys on the date.

At the cocktail party, Jeremy rubbed the other guys the wrong way when he welcomed the other guys into "his" mansion with DeAnna. He didn't score any more points when he stole her away for a private moment.

Twilley made a desperate attempt to save himself with DeAnna before the rose ceremony. DeAnna convinces the guys to participate in a push-up contest. Jesse beat out everybody (totally surprising) and got a little one on one time with DeAnna.

At the ceremony, DeAnna Pappas handed out roses to Ron, Jesse, Robert, Brian, Jason, Fred, Sean, Richard, and Twilley. She eliminated Ryan, Chris, and Eric.

Eric took it well, feeling that he shouldn't have to fight so hard for someone's attention and affections. Chris left confused, unsure of what DeAnna is actually looking for.

Ryan felt that he had a lot to offer and that it was hard to hear DeAnna Pappas say no.

At the end of the rose ceremony, DeAnna takes a minute to herself, feeling that it was hard to let people down. It was especially hard for her since she knows exactly how it feels. She composed herself and toasted with the remaining guys to a happy ending with one of them.

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