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This week on The Bachelorette: A one-on-one date, a two-on-one date (one rose, one stays, one goes), and a 10-guy group date. And somebody has a girlfriend back home.

Who? We still don't know. But we will get to that.

First, the guys learn they're going to Vancouver to meet Jillian Harris, and from there it will be a Canadian tour, then home town dates, and then some trips abroad... so no more bunkhouse.

Dave whines about not yet getting the one-on-one time he needs.

The 13 remaining men get to their big hotel suite in Vancouver, and Ed asks if there will be hot tubbing. It's the middle of the afternoon, which means it's time to drink! They crack open some champagne with Jill, and then she gives them an envelope and leaves.

Inside it says, "Kiptyn - Let's cook up some love, Vancouver style."

Kiptyn and Jill meet up and privately fawn over how perfect each other is. They decide to go grocery shopping for dinner. Via kayak.

Back at the hotel, Juan blames the fact that no one likes him on David's influence. He's wrong. Jake also lectures the group.

Jill is going to take Kiptyn home to cook dinner, but first they need to get coffee, feed the pigeons, and talk about how much they both love to do charity work.

They feel a real "best friend" connection blooming.

When they get home, the white wine starts flowing (it's Jillian, after all) and they ask each other about their biggest turn-ons.

Kiptyn's is when someone is "spontaneous." Jillian's is... Kiptyn. Cue the make-out music.

Back at the suite, Jillian mandates a 10-guyman date. Jesse, Tanner, Jake, Robby, Wes, Ed, Michael, Reid, Juan, David will join her for curling.

Which means Mark and Mike will be going on the 2 on 1 date.

Jillian giggles like a little girl as she gives Kiptyn his rose

For the next date, Jillian is excited for an "internationally recognized" Olympic sport with ten guys. By which she means, they will play, and she will wear spandex and watch.

Jillian drops the bomb that the losing team will not be hanging with her that night. Cue the curling montage.

Jesse gets serious about curling and kills it, securing the evening with Jillian for his team. They all get on a boat and drink more champagne.

After a crab dinner, it's alone time time. Jillian grabs Jake, whom she is worried is "too perfect." Jake says he is far from perfect, but says he's been told his whole life that he is "too perfect."

Jesse gets some private time with Jill and stabs her in the face with his gigantic newsboy cap. And then David makes the best use of his alone time and talks to Jillian like she's a hooker.

He gets shut down from a kiss and accuses her of kissing everyone else.

Jillian gives the rose to Jess.

Time for the 2 on 1 date. Mark and Mike go with her on a helicopter ride (of course) and then they land at Grouse Mountain for dinner and awkwardness.

Mike makes a toast and Mark sits there like he's a mute. Jillian says this is the hardest date she's ever been on. Turns out Mark is super-guarded and just waiting for his chance to score. He does so in his alone time with Jillian. Meanwhile, Mike says he is "definitely falling in love" with Jillian. Which means, you guessed it... he's outta here!

Now it's pre-rose ceremony cocktail party time. The men greet Jill, and Reid is Guy #1 to hint that some people are there "for the wrong reasons."

Wes takes Jillian to sit outside and talk, a conversation in which he is able to say "I have a lot of love to give" (Jillian's words) and say he wants to have kids ASAP.

Cue the shocker: Tanner then tells the camera that Wes has a girlfriend... and by girlfriend, he means a girl at home "that he still likes."

The guys think Wes should man up and say why he's there (his music) but they know deep in their hearts that he won't.

Outside, Wes tells Jill, "No girls want me."

Jake is disheartened that Jillian wants him to be himself, and thinks he seems too perfect; oh and also he is a man in a room full of boys.

Tanner tells Jillian that someone has a girlfriend. She doesn't want him to name names, but she wants him to name names. He doesn't.

She's determined to find out the truth.

She addresses the group and says that she heard the rumor that guys have girlfriends or hidden agendas, and she's canceling the cocktail party so she can find out answers.

Chris Harrison sits down with Jill, and they talk this madness out.

Chris then addresses the guys and tells them to step up if they have girlfriends. No one does. Jake tries to guilt them. No one does.

The rest of the guys begin to pipe in, trying to get anyone to admit to some indiscretion, but no one does. This is not the way crimes are solved.

Detective David says whoever said the rumor should say whom they're speaking about, but Tanner keeps quiet, and Jillian just stands there waiting.

Finally, the whole thing fizzles out, and nothing happens.

Jillian takes a moment to think things over, then comes back. Chris "thanks for being open and honest with us," to the guys.

Jesse, Mark, and Kiptyn already have roses. Two are going home tonight.

Jillian gives roses to (in order):

  • Reid
  • Robby
  • Ed
  • Michael
  • Wes
  • Jake
  • Tanner

Eliminated: Juan and David (plus Mike, earlier).

Juan is classy on his way out, wishing Jillian luck. David asks, "why?" She says it just wasn't a good fit.

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