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Chris Harrison tells the guys that the final 5 (next week's episode) will get hometown dates. To decide which of the guys get Jillian to meet their families, they're all going on a private train ride across British Columbia and Alberta.

Jillian will be going on 3 dates this week as the train keeps on rolling: two 1 on 1 dates and one group date.

The first 1 on 1 date goes to Robby. He gets nervous beforehand, as the other guys remind him that if he gets the rose, Jillian will be meeting his family.

This date all takes place on the train. Robby is charming but just does not have what she is looking for. He's left by the side of the tracks as the train pulls away.

Jillian Harris is way bummed out about having to leave Robby in the woods, so she takes a nap. Wes, of course, comes in to talk to her.

They snuggle in her frilly train-tent, as The Bachelorette producers cut in scenes of Wes talking about how he doesn't care about the girl, he just wants to consume as much game as possible while he can.

The train chugs along, and the next morning, the men sit down to a champagne breakfast and learn that Tanner, Wes, Michael, Jesse, Jake, and Kiptyn will embark on a "Rocky Mountain romance" date with Jillian.

Which means Reid gets the 1 on 1.

On the group date, the guys and Jillian go to Emerald Lake to do some snowshoeing, leaving Reid to hang out all day by himself.

Not much happens, except a lot of unexciting snowshoeing, and then they all play Hide and Seek. The guys and Jill go inside a lodge for drinks.

First it's Jake's turn to tell Jillian Harris how much he likes her by comparing her to his mother.

Then Kiptyn lays his heart on the line, saying he likes Jillian the more he gets of her.

Michael asks Jillian what she wears when she sleeps, admits he has to sleep naked, and then Tanner shows everyone his tightie-whities, because that's something you do when you want to impress a lady and also not embarrass yourself on national television.

Tanner later tells Jill, in mid-foot-massage, that "Your feet are softer than sh*t."

The guys gather and toast to "what everyone is here for" and then Jesse and Jill sit on the bearskin and love it up.

Michael and Jillian get 1 on 1 time to roast marshmallows, and Jill worries that they lack the physical connection because he's 25.

Tanner tells the others he was the one who told Jillian someone had a girlfriend. While Jesse and Jake see where Tanner is coming from, Wes immediately gets defensive and says he can't stand a tattle-tale.

Wes says he doesn't care, though, because he's already sang his song for the world and made it six episodes on TV, so he's going to sell records now.

Tanner: "WTF? He's an awful human." Hard to argue with that.

They get in the hot tub, and Jillian gives the rose to Kiptyn because she's excited to meet his family. If by "family," she means "inside of his pants."

On the train, Jake decides he needs to open up to Jillian so he can get the hometown date, so he awkwardly tells her that he likes her a lot, and she fails at pretending she feels the same way.

On Reid's 1 on 1 date, they go snowboarding at Lake Louise, and Jillian teaches him, since he's a skier. Reid's falling all over the place, and Jillian loves how humble and open he is to looking like a dork.

Meanwhile, Jesse says Reid isn't right for her, and calls him annoying.

Jill and Reid talk about having babies and being in love, and about what having red ears means. They then go inside to the lodge to drink wine and eat fondue. Reid says he is a hypochondriac.

Jillian likes that Reid is not afraid to tell her about his imperfections, but he also mentions that Jillian isn't really his physical "type."

She gives him the rose anyway.

The train pulls in to Banff, and Chris Harrison announces that it's almost Rose Ceremony time.

Before it can begin, Jill has more questions for Michael. She grabs him and admits she's worried about his age, and he tries to convince her of his maturity while the other guys get catty in the next room.

Jillian gives roses to (besides Reid and Kiptyn, who got them already): Jesse, Wes, and Michael.

Which means that Jake and Tanner have been eliminated. Tanner is angry and swears up a storm as he leaves. Jake is heartbroken, worried that Jillian is, at this point, just scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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