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We join Jillian Harris in Madrid, Spain.

There, The Bachelorette star will date Kiptyn.

It is a gorgeous Spanish day and they walk hand-in-hand along a beautiful park and a river and talk about the hometown date. Kiptyn does say that he thinks a proposal is a long way off and he wants it to be right.

Jillian Harris says that she's "here to get engaged."

K & J head to a Flamenco lesson, which is awesome. Kiptyn tries really hard but, as he puts it, "Flamenco and [Kiptyn] should not hang out again."

That night our adventurous couple goes scooting along the streets of Madrid. It goes about as well as the Flamenco, but they do end up at the restaurant, so that's good.

The conversation turns fairly deep, talking about Kiptyn being able to state his opinion and stand up to Jillian if he needs to. That is so important.

Suddenly a note arrives, inviting them to stay the night together in a fantasy suite. Jillian says no, though, because she's not sure she and Kiptyn are moving in the right direction. The plot thickens.

They go back to her room to have wine and cuddle. Kiptyn is disappointed about no Fantasy Suite, but not acting put-out or rude about it.

They make out on her bed and wrap up together.

Next it is off to Seville with Reid.

They get some wine, some bread and some cheese and head for a park. Jillian knows Reid is so opposite and different from her but yet she sees how he makes her feel so good and makes her laugh so much.

Reid gets schmoopy on her and she cannot stop smiling. That night, he talks about maybe being in love with Jillian, but not being ready to say it.

The dinner conversation turns serious and Reid says he moves slowly and that he likes her a lot but he's worried that he'll be penalized for not just spewing out love declarations like the other guys might be doing.

Fantasy Suite invite arrives. Jillian is obviously torn. She ultimately turns down the Fantasy Suite, again.

Reid then gets a little tongue-tied expressing his jealousy of her having wonderful dates and possibly going to Fantasy Suites with other guys.

He piggy-backs her back to the hotel and they say good-night.

Now it's Ed's turn. Jillian was hurt, but when Ed came back, she was excited. Still, she wants to know what his family would've been like.

He says they're all cool and she would've fit in really well and everyone would've liked her a lot. All of a sudden, they are making out in a fountain. Hot.

At dinner, Ed asks her if she's willing to move somewhere else and she says she's open to it. He thinks if they can be in the same place, they can grow into one of those great couples.

He says Chicago is about eating and he wants to take her to a Cubs game.

At that point, the Fantasy Suite invite arrives. Jillian manages to turn down even Ed, but he spins it that spending the night could help catch him up on the time he missed and Jillian caves. Smooth move!

In the Fantasy Suite they cuddle up in bed and touch each other and smooch and sort of get intimate but not really. Jillian ultimately says they are sleeping in their clothes and he pretends to think that's awesome.

Finally, it's time for Wes' date in Barcelona. Of course the first thing out of his mouth is something about a song he had that was a hit in Mexico.

They go bike riding. They stop at a gazebo to eat and he tells her she's perfect and something about "baring his soul."

He then says relationships that can bend won't break, or something.

Jillian poses a hypothetical to him about moving to Vancouver and he freezes like a deer in the headlights. He clearly won't leave Austin.

That night at dinner, Jillian grills him about the red flags and Wes says he hasn't told any of the guys that he has a girlfriend.

He says he wouldn't still be there if he had one. She brings up his career and he admits that it's been good for his career, but that if he was only there for that, he would've left already. Very convincing.

Jillian brings up the lack of affection and he says she can't possibly be falling for four different people and that the day she says, "Wes, you're the one" is the day he'll be affectionate. Riiiight.

He then says, "I'm not here to hurt you, but I'm going to be true to myself. Numero uno is most important here."

Jillian brings up Laurel and he says that he spent six years with her, she's one of his best friends, but she broke up with Wes because of "differences."

She wants to know exactly what he told Jake, and Wes says "I told him the whole story, I mean, I told him my girlfriend... I mean, ex-girlfriend."


At the Rose Ceremony, the guys wait for Jillian even though they all know what's coming. Jillian arrives and after some filler, gives roses to Ed, Reid and Kiptyn.

Wes is toast.

Next week: Hawaii and overnight dates!

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