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Three men. Three magical dates for Jillian Harris. Let's get to it.


Ninety percent of Jillian's feelings for Kiptyn are good, but she's worried about the 10 percent.

Kiptyn said he's always excited to see Jillian, but then he talks (or, at least, we're shown him talking) about how great Spain was and now he's in Maui, so life is as good as it gets.

They go on a ropes course. She thinks he's a perfect catch, but she wants to be sure when he's needed he'll be there for her.

She got scared and Kiptyn supported her, so that became – to him – a sign that she sometimes needs a helping hand (in a good way). Jillian was glad Kiptyn didn't take it so seriously and play super athlete.

Today Kiptyn showed Jillian a side of him she wanted to see. She's still worried about how he's always the dumper, not the dumpee.

Spain was a turning point for Kiptyn, he said. He's falling in love.

Kiptyn told her he has low patience for a lot of problems – "bumps in the road." He tends to have "one foot in, one foot out" in relationships.

He just tells her it's a leap of faith and he'd never want to hurt her and he thinks he knows what she wants and what he wants.

Fantasy suite card is back. He's in. She starts another speech. It ends with "I think we need this time." So it's a yes.

In voiceover, she said it's hard to articulate her feelings for Kiptyn. She was worried she was falling in love with him on paper, but she's falling in love with the man.


She has one concern with Reid – for him to think about how he feels and communicate to her what that is.

They hang out with a beach ball.

He tells the camera his feelings are consistent with her, unlike some girls where the feeling seems to come and go. She's everything he's looking for.

His first helicopter ride. "It was like being in heaven," Reid said.

She's always wanted to go on a helicopter ride above Maui.

The pilot performs aerial weddings.

"Let's get this s**t done," Jillian jokes.

"She might be the perfect girl for me. She might be," Reid said.

There's something about Reid that' "Cuddly, warm and sweet."

She lets him get off the hook on serious questions. She relates to him more than other guys. Reid asks her where she'd want to live. She said she loves Vancouver and Canada, but it'd be easier for her to move and start a family where he lives in Philadelphia.

He said "interesting." Reid to Jillian: "At the end of this, will I be ready to propose? Maybe." He's not ready.

Fantasy suite card returns. She said they should take advantage.

Reid talks again about how hard it is for him to express his feelings. He said at some point in the future he might use the "L word."

He can't even say the actual word. They have a romantic hot tub date.


He pulls her out on a boat. He said she looked "tanned and hot" and he immediately "wanted to attack her."

What's the weirdest thing about him that she doesn't know?

His family calls him "Richie."

They go for a swim and they kiss in the water.

He flew his family out to meet her. That melted her heart.

She meets the parents. He looks embarrassed already. The parents look a little uncomfortable, too.

Dad wants to know what the heck they are doing out there.

Ed said he settled the work thing. He's not at the point where he can give up his career because he has a crush on his girl.

But he thinks it's more serious with Jillian and he felt he made a mistake when he left.

Dad appreciates that he said he made a mistake. Ed swears he would get engaged if she picked him.

Jillian thinks Ed is so sexy. Tall, olive skin, his eyes, his smile. He makes her heart skip a beat.

Ed said Jillian is exciting, beautiful and sexy. All the signals are telling him he should tell her he's falling in love with her.

Ed to Jillian: "I am absolutely falling in love with you and I don't care about anything else right now."

He wanted to have a romantic night to show her how much he's falling for her. The camera shows them on the bed together.

She steps out of the bathroom in this slinky "blazing hot" outfit. He's not sure why this hot girl likes him.

OK, why are we watching her rub him down? Isn't this the point where the cameras should back off? Now he's rubbing her in oil.

Their fantasy date didn't go as planned, she said. The love you, I'll take care of you was there, but the I can't wait to get my hands on you wasn't there.

Jill: "That feeling that I want to be there isn't there and it worries me and it stresses me out."

Ed said he was nervous and "it didn't happen." What didn't happen?

The Rose Ceremony

Each guy has a video for her before the outdoor rose ceremony.

Kiptyn said she knows him and knows what it would be like to be with him, so if that's something she wants to pursue, let's do this.

Reid said the night in the fantasy suite with Jillian was one of the best nights of his life. He hopes she keeps her "Honey Bear" around.

Ed calls her beautiful, intelligent, funny, sometimes inappropriate and he loves all those things about her. He said he wants the opportunity to spend the rest of his life with her and propose to her. "I love you." (

She tells them she's falling in love with all three of them.

She didn't expect to feel this confused, but "at least I'm falling in love!" She grins. The guys don't look amused.

She pulls Ed away for a talk. She tells him she knows there's been a lot of pressure but there are concerns getting in the way of her decisions.

Ed: "I'm having a hard time adjusting to everything. I think I absolutely am attached to you. I think there are too many other external things going on affecting the way I'm behaving."

He wants her to trust him. He's been sincere and she doesn't need to worry about anything she might be worried about. He's crazy about her.

Back to the ceremony.

  1. Kiptyn
  2. Ed

Bye bye, Reid. He defined everything she was looking for, she said to him, crying, but worried that they're at different places in their lives.

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