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Emily takes her boyfriends to Bermuda.  Doug gets the first one on one date and is freaking out because he is on his period.  He continues to fight with every single guy taking all of his frustrations out so that he doesn't hit Emily.  She gives him the rose.  She then takes a bunch of them on a group date. 

Divided into 2 teams, they compete for more time with her.  Emily put Jef and Arie on the same team paired up with the biggest athletes so that they would win and she didn't have to spend time with people she isn't in to.  Ryan makes a complete fool of himself in front of America and Emily and Jef gets the rose. 

The two on one was so boring that I fast forwarded through it.  Nate cries, Wolf gets the rose.  Finally, the rose ceremony arrives.   Ryan, again, makes himself look like the biggest d-bag in the world.  Charlie gets sent home.

The Bachelorette
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