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Isabel helps the Baroness dispose of her menstruation-stained clothing. The Baroness wonders how she will keep up the ruse that she is pregnant with the Baron's heir. Isabel suggests (in a subtle way, using euphemisms) that she be impregnated by someone else in order for the pregnancy to no longer be a lie.

Milus looks over a letter from Baron Pryce. He and his French servant/lover discuss how the servant is liking his new position attending to the Chamberlain. Milus tells the servant that he is in Milus' debt. The servant agrees.

Annora sells her wares and remedies to townsfolk. Wilkin and his "son" speak with her and Annora gives the son a treat. Wilkin steps away to speak with Annora privately, discussing how his friends are faring in their captivity. Annora comments that Jessamy has a crippled heart from her memories. She warns Wilkin to watch Jessamy close, as she is close to madness. Jessamy watches the two talking suspiciously. 

In the torture chamber, Wilkin and Toran sneak sustenance down to their friends in the dungeon while young Luca keeps watch. Milus arrives and convinces Wilkin and Toran to overtake and destroy a carriage taking a religious relic (a bible) from Baron Pryce to the King, which he says is an attempt on Pryce's part to convince the king to give him Ventrishire. Milus agrees to commute their friends' sentences to servitude and order their release in exchange for Wilkin's and Toran's cooperation in destroying the religious relic and the accompanying caravan. Wilkin agrees, to Toran's horror. Toran leaves, disgusted, while Milus warns Wilkin to be mindful that Toran doesn't become a problem.

Sir Gaveston arrives in Ventrishire to perform the declaration of heir, bringing along a "progeny prophet" who is tasked with performing tests to determine if the Baroness is truly pregnant. In private, the Baroness apologizes to Milus for not telling him the news of her pregnancy sooner. Milus warns her of the tough test for pregancy and offers up his assistance to her in any way necessary.

Gaveston finds the Baroness in the chapel, lighting a candle. He insinuates that he knows she is lying about the pregnancy and tells her that the king will cut off her breasts, womb and head if she is discovered to be lying. He also points out that she is lying before God. The Baroness refuses to admit the truth.

The twins, sent by the Chamberlain to get information out of Gaveston, instead tell Gaveston that they were sent to loosen his tongue. He calls them "my girls" and they all laugh and tumble into bed together.

Wilkin and Toran head to inner Ventishire, where they await Pryce's caravan carrying the bible. Toran criticizes how close Wilkin has gotten to the Ventrishire nobles, particularly the Baroness and the Chamberlain. Once the caravan comes along, they successfully kill the guards and burn the carriage, only to discover that they have also burned Baron Pryce's wife Trula who was travelling in the carriage, along with another man.

Willkin returns to the castle and beats up Milus for tricking him into killing Trula. Milus claims that they both did what was necessary and are all tasked with protecting the shire. The twins return to Milus, where they report back to him that the Earl was not interested in their romantic attentions but moreso in his. They tell him that the Earl implied that he would be waiting for him in his chambers after supper.

Wilkin sits in the garden to think over his day and is discovered there by Lady Love. They discuss Milus' decision to free the prisoners and Lady Love agrees to draft the release paperwork as soon as possible. Wilkin mentions that he will go to see the healer for a balm for his wounds from the fight with Milus. Love asks Wilkin whether he ever feels as though he is living the life of another. She also asks about the healer and he tells her that he will set up the meeting between Love and Annora.

Milus goes to meet with Sir Gaveston after supper. Gaveston quizzes Milus on whether Lady Love is not barren, as it was rumored. Milus asks Gaveston why he is so interested in Ventrishire. Instead of answering him, he suggests that his tongue will loosen if Milus performs oral sex on him. After getting Milus to get down on his knees, the Earl shoves him away at the last minute, asking whether Milus honestly thought Gaveston would allow a "dirt-born" one such as himself to touch him.

Milus returns to his chamber, where his French servant greets him and innocently asks him whether he needs anything before bed. Milus snaps and starts brutally beating the servant.

Wilkin takes Lady Love to meet with Annora near the sea. The Dark Mute waits silently on the rocks. Love expresses embarrassment over her behavior and over asking Wilkin to take her there. Wilkin calms her and leaves the two women to converse. Annora comments that Love has the hands of a girl, prompting Love to break down in tears and sob in Annora's arms.

While Annora and Love chat, Wilkin has a vision. In it, Petra emerges from the sea and asks her to follow her to where he belongs (with her). He agrees but then sees her fall into a pit. When he reaches down to pull her up the hand reaching out is actually that of Baron Pryce's burned wife. She echoes the idea that this (in the whole) is where Wilkin belongs.

Lady Love snaps Wilkin out of his vision, ready to leave. Annora reminds Love to send Isabel in the morning. Annora silently holds their hands in hers for a moment, and then privately bids Wilkin to keep Love safe.

The next morning, Isabel returns with Annora's concoction of powders and pregnant wolf's urine. Lady Love uses this concoction and hands it to the progeny tester, who commences testing.

The twins encounter Milus in the hallway. They ask after how his encounter with the Earl went and he mentions it was very unsatisfactory before storming off. They then encounter Gaveston, who is revealed to be their half-brother and to have planted them in the castle for assistance in his machinations. They ask when they can leave, but he says he's needs at the castle will grow. He passionately kisses each of them.

The progeny prophet announces his findings: confirming that Lady Love is pregnant. Gaveston reacts angrily, while Milus is just shocked.

Lady Love finds Wilkin in the chapel, deep in thought. She tells him that Annora did help her out and asks Wilkin to thank her for him. She delivers Wilkin the notices freeing his prisoners. Wilkin slips and accidentally addresses the Baroness as "my love." He is embarrassed and tries to play it off but she tells him she doesn't mind, that she enjoys spending time with him, and that she does not want to grow apart. They embrace, but are spotted by Toran. Toran is upset by the site and storms off, pointing Maddox's approaching wife in their direction so she ends up seeing them embracing and reacts, horrified.

The Bastard Executioner
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The Bastard Executioner Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Milus: Now we are true. This is who we are, Wilkin Brattle.
Wilkin: You knew she was in that wagon. You don't make those kinds of mistakes.
Milus: I did what was required. As did you. We all share the burden to protect the shire.

Milus: Be mindful that he [Toran] does not become a complication.
Wilkin: You should be mindful as well, Chamberlain. Since the Baron's death, you guzzle this new power like sweet mead. Men never make sound choices while drunk.