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The tabloids and news publications are buzzing about Sonja's comeback, and how Egan was arrested in an undercover drug bust.

Marissa is horrified by both - she hates Sonja and is not upset about the coverage of Egan's bust but at how they reported she is his girlfriend.

Sonja is on the phone with her mom, who offers to bring her daughter to New York - an idea Sonja is against. She gets a call from Claudia telling her she got the Versace gig.

Chris is ready to head back to Iowa, but Claudia calls him too and asks him to come by her office. She's covering his living expenses for a month to see what he can do.

The first thing he can do is get possibly booked for "deep background" in a Details ad, because Vivienne thinks he's too "stocky."

It's better than Isaac gets, as she says he's completely wrong for the look they're trying to achieve. He confronts her later at her home, but she calms him down by telling him she has loftier goals for him.

He says he needs $3,000. Very seriously. He wants to get Egan out of jail. She says to prove how bad he wants it. He hits that.

Raina's brother shows up looking for her. Knowing that Raina wanted nothing to do with Alex the other day, Marissa invites him to the upcoming benefit party being thrown by Nina Garcia.

Then she sees Sonja left her phone on a table and hands it over to one of the celebrity gossip photographers.

Chris blows off the photographer that Claudia recommended and then trusts Cole to set him up with someone better. Cole was trying to help, but Chris freaks when the photog douses his hair in motor oil, rips his shirt and throws beer at him.

Claudia tells Raina he's bad for her concentration and image and she starts to push her toward Cole instead. He also kinda likes her.

The paparazzo confronts Sonja about the baby photo. He's gonna run it, but she says she can stop him - by giving him something even more scandalous.

Soon enough, pictures of Sonja on a coke binge hit the web. Cole asks why the hell she leaked those, and she confesses that she had a daughter.

Isaac gives the $3,000 back to Vivienne after Claudia bails Egan out and fires him.

Chris decides he has to figure out how to be a model on his own. Raina implies that maybe he doesn't have to sleep on her floor tonight ...

The Beautiful Life
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The Beautiful Life Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Cole: Where is she?
Sonja: With my mom. Where it's safe.
Cole: Who's the father?
Sonja: [silent]

Cole: You only have one chance to get this right. I can set you up with the right photographer.
Chris: Why should I trust you?
Cole: Because I like Raina. And for whatever reason she seems to like you.
Chris: Make the call.