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Amy and Sheldon are finding that living together is a challenge, and Penny and Leonard try to offer advice. Finally, they decide to separate the two of them to give them time to cool off. Leonard gives Amy advice while Penny takes Sheldon on a drive to give him advice as well.

Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard have planned their last vacation before the baby comes, but Bernadette's morning sickness is still keeping her down. Howard suggests they stay home and not tell anyone.

They think they hear someone breaking in, but then look outside to see Stuart in their hot tub. A few minutes later, Raj shows up as well. Raj admits to Stuart that he's single now, which Howard and Bernadette are surprised to hear.

Sheldon says he thinks he should try to see other women, but then admits to Penny why he's so nervous about living with Amy, and says when he was young he walked in on his father cheating on his mother. 

Penny finally convinces Sheldon that he needs to compromise with Amy. He decides he will, and agrees to get rid of the bathroom schedule and to allow her to share the same toothbrush holder. 

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

Amy: Okay, well for starters, there's nothing wrong with keeping our toothbrushes in the same holder.
Penny: Sheldon, what do you say to that?
Sheldon: I think we should see other people.

When we're sleeping, she breathes on me. One night it got so bad I almost grabbed Toto and headed to the storm cellar.