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Amy talks to Shleldon about the possibility of redecorating the apartment since it seems they're going to be staying there permanently. Amy sees the painting she had made of her with Penny, and decides she should take it over to her. 

Penny's reaction to the incredibly large portrait isn't exactly pleasant, but she hides her feelings well enough.

Then Sheldon decides he and Leonard should start splitting up their mutually owned items.

Meanwhile, Stuart has been evicted from his apartment, and asks if he can live with Howard and Bernadette. Bernadette agrees they can try it on a trial basis.

Sheldon and Leonard find themselves in a feud as they start dividing their belongings. Sheldon changes the wi-fi password, and Leonard fights back.

Sheldon's next move is to rent his room to a stranger, who happens to actually give some good advice to Leonard and Sheldon about the reason they're fighting in the first place -- they're having a hard time adjusting to no longer living together.

Raj becomes jealous of Stuart helping Howard and Bernadette, and they are both tripping over themselves to help them out around the house, get groceries, and help prepare for the baby.

Bernadette announces that she thinks she's in labor, and they all take off for the hospital.  


The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Sheldon: Come along, Amy. I know when I'm not wanted.
Amy: I dont think you do, but alright.

It's not my fault I'm bad at sharing. I skipped kindergarten.