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Two months later, Sheldon and Leonard are reconstructing the molecular model Leonard broke. They complete it just as Amy and Penny return home. They're getting ready to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony.

When Amy and Sheldon leave, Leonard and Penny discuss their pregnancy, conceived the night Penny and Sheldon came back from drinking.

Howard and Bernadette are a little worried about leaving Michael and Halley for the first time when they travel to the Nobel ceremony. Bernadette is worried they'll miss Michael's first words.

Raj leaves Cinnamon with Bert.

Sheldon and Amy rehearse their acceptance speech and Amy suggests his edit his speech rather than speed through it.

Before they leave for the airport, Sheldon insists on giving them a primer on Sweden.

They have some difficulty getting into the elevator with all their luggage so they send it all down and walk down themselves.

On the plane, Howard is freaking out a little about being separated from the kids.

Raj thinks Sarah Michelle Gellar is sitting next to him.

Sheldon notices the frequency of Penny's bathroom trips and worries that she has a viral bug. When he takes his concerns to Leonard, Leonard tries to calm him. Penny returns and they end up telling him that she's pregnant. He immediately tells Amy who goes to goes to talk to Penny.

Leonard gets upset with Sheldon for his reaction to the news. Both Bernadette and Amy want to know why Penny didn't tell them. Raj snoops in the woman's purse and discovers that it is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Bernadette and Howard check in with Stuart about the kids and it's not reassuring.

Penny is eating everything in the hotel room and they discuss Leonard's unrealistic expectation that Sheldon would react better. Sheldon and Amy come to the door and Sheldon apologizes for his behavior. Howard comes over and tells them he and Bernadette would like to go back to be with the kids. Sheldon reacts selfishly and Howard is determined to leave. Leonard and Penny plan to go too.

Sheldon and Amy have an argument before the ceremony about Sheldon's treatment of their friends.

Penny's very ill but wants to stay for Amy and Sheldon's sake. Howard calls and they're going to stay as well.

Amy and Sheldon receive their award and their friend cheer loudly from the audience. Raj is sitting next to Sarah Michelle Gellar, clutching her hand while she insists it's not a date.

Amy makes her speech and turns the podium over to Sheldon who discards his speech in favor of a tribute to the people who have supported him, his family and friends.

Back in the apartment, they share another meal around the couch as the theme song is song acoustically in the background.

Chuck Lorre Production Card #622  reads simply "The End"

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 24 Quotes

Sheldon: The only drug I need is the endorphins pumping through my brain in anticipation of our victory.
Amy: Well, technically, anticipation wouldn't be mediated by endorphins as much as dopamine but, y'know, you've been up all night so I'll give you that one.

Penny: Leonard? Coffee?
Leonard: Black and strong like Luke Cage.
Penny: I'm too tired to even be disturbed by that.