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Sheldon wakes up surprised to see Penny singing, dancing and cooking french toast in his kitchen, on oatmeal day no less!  Leonard and Penny are now full fledged dating and are violating Sheldon's rule of spending the night there after breaking Penny's bed.  Guess their sex life has found its groove, huh?  When Sheldon is being too mean to Penny, Leonard tells him he can't treat his girlfriend that way, and Sheldon decides to try a little experiment instead.  Instead of being mean, Sheldon begins giving Penny positive reinforcement in the form of chocolate when she does something right.  He trains her not to sit in his seat, talk during movies, and even lowers the pitch of her voice.  Too funny.

Meanwhile, Wolowitz and Raj decided to dress as goths and go to the local goth club to pick up chicks.  They're actually doing a pretty good job until the girls want to move things to the tattoo parlor.  Wolotiz is about to get lucky if he can go through the pain of getting a skull tattoo on his bum, but even the alcohol swab is too much for this guy.  When the needle touches him, he bounces up, and admits the truth to the girls.  They leave.  The boys on the way home decide to make up a better story to tell the next day.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Penny: I'll tell you what, next french toast day, I'll make you oatmeal
Sheldon: Good lord, are you still gonna be here next french toast day?

Oh man, did the KISS Army repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

Penny [after seeing Wolowitz in his goth outfit]