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Wolowitz and Leonard take Bernadette and Penny on a double date out to dinner, but on the car ride, Leonard discovers that Penny has been going to a psychic for career advice.  Leonard and Penny get into a fight when Leonard rightfully tells Penny just how wrong she is.  After a night of sleeping alone, Leonard apologizes and agrees to go with Penny to see her psychic.

Meanwhile, with the other boys on a date, Raj bribes Sheldon into going to a university mixer as his wingman with a Green Lantern lantern.  The guys manage to meet a pair of girls, Abby (Danica McKellar) and Martha (Jen Drohan), who come back with the boys for a night of Rock Band.  Raj manages to arrange a second double date for them at the house, but needs Sheldon to agree.  He again bribes Sheldon, this time with hulk hands, and the ladies come over.  Raj manages to make out with Abby, while Martha follows Sheldon into his room as he goes to bed.  Seeming like he's about to get some, Sheldon ditches her to go sleep in Leonard's room.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Raj: We'd just see what's what.
Sheldon: That's a semantically null sentence.

Raj: Good news guys, I got the four hour special edition of Watchmen.
Leonard: Got it.
Wolowitz: Seen it.
Sheldon: Detailed analysis posted online.