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Howard's trip to space is canceled and he is happy about that. He is afraid of going into space. The guys go to get their tuxedos for Howard and Bernadette's wedding.


Amy decides that she is going to persuade Sheldon to get closer to her by tempting him with his favorite things. And, it works.


Leonard and Penny decide to move their relationship to the next level and sleep together. But, Leonard messes it up by asking her during sex to marry him. Penny doesn't break up with him, but she says "no" to his proposal.


Howard finds out that he is rescheduled for another trip to space, but it is before he is supposed to marry Bernadette. She wants him to go to space, but he insists on staying for the wedding due to his fear of space. Even Bernadette's father wants him to go to space. Is he going into space or will he stay for his wedding?

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Howard: Let me explain the difference between you and me. You watch 'Star Trek'; I live it.
Raj: Oh, please, I don't remember the episode of 'Star Trek' where the guy never goes to space and brags about it in a tuxedo store.
Howard: Make all the jokes you want. There is only one of us here brave enough to almost do what I almost did.

Yes! Thank you! Oh! Oh ... I'm not gonna die in space! I'm gonna die the way God intended in my late 50s with a heart full of pastrami.