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Sheldon and Leonard buy a replica sword from Game of Thrones at the comic book store.

They run into Wil Wheaton and he invites them to a party he is having.

Leonard plans on attending the party, which upsets Sheldon.

Sheldon ends up going to the party to see Brent Spiner.

Wil Wheaton gives Sheldon a signed Wesley Crusher figurine which ends their rivalry.

Howard gets an offer to go to space on a Russian rocket.

Bernadette is upset that Howard didn't ask her before agreeing to go.

They fight and make up.


The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

It's gonna be another Wil Wheaton sausage fest.


Okay if you're going to question the importance of an actor's signature on a plastic helmet from a movie based on a comic book then all of our lives have no meaning!