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When Sheldon finds out the host of his favorite science show from childhood is available to hire for parties, he sets up a party. Professor Proton shows up expecting to do a show for kids and is dismayed to find out that he's performing for two physicists and Penny. He's been dissatisfied with his career after the show went off the air because he wasn't respected by the science community. He starts the show, but stops because he doesn't want to do it anymore.


Sheldon and Leonard tell him that he inspired kids to become scientists and he's responsible for giving them their start. That makes him feel a little better. Penny is intrigued and doesn't understand the science behind a potato clock which surprises him. He starts feeling pain in his chest and goes to the hospital. He asks Sheldon (Professor Proton, Jr) to do a show for him the next day.


Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette agree to watch Raj's dog, Cinnamon. They take her to the park and lose her. They try to find Cinnamon, but someone else found her first and called Raj. At first Bernadette thought she would be a good mother since she enjoyed the "family time" at the park. After losing Cinnamon, she reconsiders. When Raj calls to give them a hard time about losing his baby, she gives him a guilt trip for not calling right away. Howard tells Bernie, she'd be a great mom.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Howard: Why don't you put her in a kennel?
Raj: Why don't you put your mother in a home?
Howard: To be honest, she'd do better in the kennel.

Leonard: It was pretty cool.
Penny: Aw, so cute when you use the word "cool" wrong. Like when kids say "pasghetti."